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  1. Thanks Glenn and Mick, that did solve my issue. I had tried reset on most options but missed the side windows. so good to have a solution. Cheers Norm
  2. I have tried recently to switch from the drop down menu option to the child tool palette when I design kitchens. I cannot get the tool palette to open, it show active in the view drop down. After I select the cabinet icon or any other tool icon ie wall there is no option to select the required tool? I am sure it is a simple setting but I have reset my preferences to default and still no joy. here are my settings posted. Any assistance will be appreciated.
  3. Thank you, I will add this to my library as it will be handy
  4. Thanks to all. I will persevere with manual entry and have sent a feature be added. Appreciate the confirmation that I’ve not lost my marbles.
  5. Thanks I am trying to find an older tutorial that may show it? I may be very well mistaken but will add this as a request in the next update, it would save me a lot of time with manual framing edits
  6. Hi Michael. There was an option to set the wall blocking to a desired thickness. I cannot find anywhere to change the 38mm default to 45mm
  7. Hi all, is there a way to set my wall bridging thickness as a default to 45mm? since x13 release the option has been removed from the build framing dialog box. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. Thanks very much for your help today, much appreciated

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    2. Chopsaw


      Please let me know if you hear back from Scott.  How previously are you talking about ? I just checked back 7 previous versions and did not see anything like that.

    3. Norm4Man


      ok it was in version x12? when setting options in wall framing the blocking width was adjustable.

    4. Chopsaw


      No sorry I don't think so, but that does not mean that it should not be there.

  9. Holy Moly Chopsaw you are a legend, thankyou so much............ Really really appreciated
  10. Thanks Chop saw please see attached as requested
  11. please se my post, issue is weird, thanks Joey
  12. Hi Joey, thanks for responding please see my screen shots, really surprised/confused as to why
  13. I set it in the Build Framing box under the Wall section
  14. Hi I am not sure why after setting my default centers and thickness on my wall framing to 45mm thick and 400 on center, when building my framing studs are 24mm and 256mm on center? has me confused as I have not had this issue previously. Also when watching videos I do not seem to have the option in my framing dialog to derive framing from wall type as shown in Scotts video relating to wall framing in X13. Any help would be appreciated