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i am trying to design a pole shed roof. 

  • 6 - 4"x4" treated posts w/ treated 2x4 on 3 sides
  • treated open 2x6 roof joists with metal roof (open on front and back)
  • Just a cheap horse shed for a friend.
  • going to be open dirt for floor

can anyone help? see attachment



chief x8

windows 10 


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Not my best performance but I got it done finally.

As i tell my wife it happens to us all.

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    • By tlconstruct
      Hi guys, I'm new here and pretty new to Chief Architect. I have Home Designer Suite 2020, not the Premier version. I'm a graphic designer, just working up plans for a builder to show his concepts to clients. I'm having problems with a shed roof. I've looked up a bunch of videos and steps on how to do it, but it's not coming out quite right. I'll attach images.
      I have the 2nd floor height set to 2 feet, because that seemed to be the only way to get the roof to go Shed. The front (high) wall of the 2nd floor needs to be about 10 ft tall, and the back wall needs to be 2-3 ft tall. I have the front wall marked as High Shed/Gable Wall, the back as a Knee Wall, and the two side walls as Full Gable. In the video I watched, the side walls automatically adjusted to fill in, and the high shed wall bumped up as well to the height it needed to be for the roof pitch (which I have set as 3" in 12). I just can't seem to figure out where I've gone wrong and would very much appreciate some advice!

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      This modern take on a cabin pairs lots of open space and large-pane glass windows with traditionally rustic exterior colors and materials. The shed roof cozies up with a steep gable further pairing the styles.
      Chief Architect's Roof Beam tools are an easy way to add beams to a project. They are smart objects that recognize roof planes in the proximity and can be updated to fit the roof as the design adapts and changes, as they are prone to do.
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      I am stuck with a problem while creating a shed roof. I am unable to clue this light source on the floor, looks like some gap in the roof. Help (CA x9)
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      Just a quick question to see if there is a way to rotate a top plate so that it matches roof pitch.  This is common framing practice for interior walls and I am trying to find a way to have a sloped plate at the exterior wall so rafters bear on wall with no birds mouth.  Another way to put this would be how can I get the top plate on the wall adjoining a rake wall to plane in.   

    • By wnschoen
      So what is the best practice for laying a shed roof on top of an existing roof (or something similar).  
      - I want to generate Framing where I frame the main roof, then lay the shed roof on top of the main roof....
      - I COULD build the lower roof plane and the upper roof plane, but that screws up the materials:  ie i have a whole lot more shingles than I need.....
      - I COULD have both the shed roof and the main roof 'join together' --- but then my framing is incorrect....
      Is there an option to simplify this?  Should there be?  A lot of times we want to create valleys by laying one roof plain on top of another instead of building a true valley with a valley rafter....
      Framing Wrong - Metal Roof Quantity Correct.pdf
      Framing Correct - Metal Roof Quantity Wrong.pdf
      ShedRoofon TopofGable.plan