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I have been setting up my layouts for the past couple of days and really like the new format in X6.


One thing that I tried to do today was to add a new Template Page for Block Plans which requires the Arch D size paper space, but I'm fine for all the other Template Pages at 11x17 paper space.  I had hoped to set the paper size to Arch D on the Block Plans Template page, but have found out that the paper space is ONLY set on Page 0, and it governs all other Template Pages.  Is this a feature that could be added; Multiple Paper Spaces on one Layout Template?


I look forward to your response!

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I am not quite sure that you are understanding how the layout works yet.  You can set any page as a template and associate that template with the printable pages of your choice.  The part that is a little hard to see right off is the way drawing sheet sizes are dealt with in X6.


Even though you could have any number of Templates with borders set to various sizes of paper, that will not have any effect on the actual printed paper size until you change that setting.  Go to the file menu and select Print, then drawing sheet setup and make the changes here for the actual size of the printed paper.


Play with these settings and change to the various templates you would like to have so that way you can see what is happening.  Sounds like you may have had some previous experience with programs that set up Paper Spaces.  That does not appear to be how Chief is doing things.  Don't feel bad, I went through the same thing recently, even called tech support because I thought things should work the same way that you did.  Not so with Chief.


Select the template you want and make the Drawing Sheet setting match the paper size you want.  This will help you place your borders on the page as well.  Hope this helps.

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If I understand you correctly, you can set up multiple page sizes using the layout anno-sets. put your different borders on separate layersets

Perry just gave you the answer,  if you do not understand what he is saying,  you should say so and he will probably expand on his answer.



If I understand you correctly, you can set up multiple page sizes using the layout anno-sets. put your different borders on separate layer  AND THEN  CHANGE THE PRINT PAPER SIZE

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Here's an example:


I have Annosets for each sheet size and a corresponding Layerset that displays only the backgoroung graphics for that sheet size.  When I select a different Annoset for the sheet size I then need to change the sheet size in Drawing Sheet Setup and also Center Sheet.


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Thanks for all your responses; Rod, I looked at them again, and I want the majority of the drawings to be on the 11x17 sheet size, which is how I have Page 0 set,  and the I can go to the Block Plan Template page (page 5) and select 'File', 'Print' & 'Drawing Sheet Setup' and change it to Arch D, but it changes the sheet size for all the other template pages, not just Template Page 5, and its corresponding pages...hmmm?


I may be asking for it to do more than what it is currently capable of.


Pardon my ignorance, but where do I find the tab to start a 'New Thread' in the main forum??


Thanks again for your responses.



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You got it.  Seems a little confusing, but that is how it appears to be set up.  For every template you need a drawing sheet size to match, and yes it will not relate to the various templates you have to set it manually.


I am curious why there is talk about layout page 0?  Unless I am missing something it does not matter which page you choose to be a template.  Also curious why the need for anno sets and layer sets on page 0.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, just that inquiring minds like to know.  How are the macros effected when using layer sets?


In the upper right corner of the forum there is a box you click to start a new thread.

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....... Also curious why the need for anno sets and layer sets on page 0.  Not that there is anything wrong with it, just that inquiring minds like to know. ......

Easy answer,  depending on the layer set you want to use,  i.e. a 11x17 border or a 24x36 border,  this can be determined via a layer set in the layout....  so why anno set?  If you want to define & edit the layer set on sheet zero,  you can first define the anno set which will define the layer set which will in turn define whether you are using a 11x17 border or a 24x36 border.....  ah nuts,  you know all this I am sure.

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So, go back and look at post #6.


I have a Border, Title Block, Grids, etc. set up on their own layers on sheet 0 for each sheet size.  When I select the Annoset for Arch-D, it selects the Layerset for Arch-D which has only thos layers visible.  Then I simply go to Print>Drawing Sheet Setup and select the Arch-D sheet size and then select Print>Center Sheet.  I can do the same for Arch_A, Arch_B, Arch_C and Arch_E.


This way I have only one Layout Template to maintain and it works for any sheet size.

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Thanks guys.


It was the OP's statements that I took to mean that page 0 was the only page on which templates could  be created that had me wondering.


I do follow what and why you are doing what you are doing.  I just use a few separate templates that meet my needs so far.  If I find the need for more than the few I currently use I will give your method a try.

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