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    Layout Pages

    Thanks for all your responses; Rod, I looked at them again, and I want the majority of the drawings to be on the 11x17 sheet size, which is how I have Page 0 set, and the I can go to the Block Plan Template page (page 5) and select 'File', 'Print' & 'Drawing Sheet Setup' and change it to Arch D, but it changes the sheet size for all the other template pages, not just Template Page 5, and its corresponding pages...hmmm? I may be asking for it to do more than what it is currently capable of. Pardon my ignorance, but where do I find the tab to start a 'New Thread' in the main forum?? Thanks again for your responses. Ray.
  2. HearthstoneDD

    Layout Pages

    I have been setting up my layouts for the past couple of days and really like the new format in X6. One thing that I tried to do today was to add a new Template Page for Block Plans which requires the Arch D size paper space, but I'm fine for all the other Template Pages at 11x17 paper space. I had hoped to set the paper size to Arch D on the Block Plans Template page, but have found out that the paper space is ONLY set on Page 0, and it governs all other Template Pages. Is this a feature that could be added; Multiple Paper Spaces on one Layout Template? I look forward to your response!