How To Change Layer Names Of Inserted Objects


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I am new the Chief. I am using version S-7.

I have been designing a small one bedroom, one bathroom

guest house with a kitchen, nook and living room.


In the model I have I have added furniture, curtains and

paintings on the walls. I notice that the kitchen appliances

and curtains both have the same layer name assigned to them

(Fixtures, Interior)


Is there a way to change the objects layer names so the curtains

are assigned a layer name such as Curtains and the kitchen range

and refrigerator are assigned another name such as appliances?


This way I can turn off the curtains without also turning off the

kitchen appliances.


By the way, does any no why Chief would assign curtains to the

Fixtures, Interior layer in the first place?

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Open object DBX, go to "layer" then click "define" to open the display options. At the bottom of the display list is an option to copy. You can copy the existing layer and give it a new name then turn it on/off as needed in different views.

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"Is there a way to permanently change the layer name that the curtains are assigned to? So when I insert curtains into the plans they show up on a layer named "curtains" and not on "fixture, Interior" which is the same layer name that is assigned to the kitchen appliances."


Not in X7. 


In X7, we only store limited information about the fixture and furniture objects in the library database.  This means that some of the changes you can make to it, such as which layer it is on, won't be retained when you save it in the library and then use it in a new plan.


In X8, we will store all of the information in the library.

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