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  1. This doesn’t even exist yet. They are looking for investors for the 80A but the 80 is out now.
  2. Thanks Eric. More ways to find answers. I appreciate that. Thanks,
  3. I see now where it adds to the lines styles. Very helpful Michael !! Thank you.
  4. Michael, That's great !! Thank you sir. I'll need to go through and try this, but would save a lot of time to not have to separately annotate all the different lines for what they are. Do you, or would you just save as a personal library item?
  5. Concerns line styles, there are a variety of "canned" styles as we all know, but can these be customized? And example being for Hot Water --------------H/W-------------HW-----------HW----------- But i have a variety of sizes from 1/2" to 4" in a commercial setting and rather that annotate each line separately, it would be nicer to have that "built Into" the line. Is there anyway to customize these?? Thanks,
  6. Joey, Thanks. I expect it isn't a great use of the money for sure. In this case though, i only actually pay for one of them. Other is paid for (reimbursed) by my employer, but they have no need for it. My thought was that I'm often traveling between my home and family home about 100 miles away, and sometimes i don't plan to be there, or have my computer with me, so having it on two separate computers, given i have the two licenses anyway, would allow me to keep anything I'm working on in the cloud, pull it down to work on it, then put back up. Not really necessary, but with the two, it seemed like a good way to make them more useful.
  7. I have two licenses, with one at X14 and the other at X13. I went to upgrade the X13 to x14 on another computer and although CA was happy to take my $7xx.00, would not allow me to download the X14. I'll have the computers at two different locations and would allow me to avoid taking computer with me, or releasing and reestablishing which I choose not to do.(in case anyone was wondering) Anyone seen this? I know I can call on their left coast hours Monday, but seems that once I pay for the upgrade I should be entitled to actually have that version without having to call them.
  8. That is something many have found out. CA does not like working from cloud files. Needs to be local.
  9. Early on i tried that too with my Leica but found it was too cumbersome for my tastes, although advantage is it already has the drawing done, i simply was trying to move around with too many devices and not always a convenient flat spot to set things down. After a few efforts, i decided the clipboard, pen, Leica and a tape measure was faster for me.. Also, not everything is a simple square room, and sometimes odd walls were too hard to figure out on the fly.
  10. Chris, You are absolutely correct. I have as well. I find that nearly always its something stupid I did that CA didn't understand and did what it could. Garbage in, garbage out.
  11. Sorry Glenn, it was a long time ago. Probably that other guy. lol
  12. Totally agree with this method. Works fine as the sketch gets put into CA and walls are pushed or pulled by dimension and it starts to look correct even when initial sketch floor plan looks like it was done with an Etch-A-Sketch. Take note of wall thickness at doors, easy enough, Windows and door offset from a wall, plus window/door specifics. A few "checks" where possible on any longer distance visibility between walls as a check to others. With a tape measure and my Leica D8 its actually pretty easy.
  13. That would be it Ed. Thanks
  14. You are probably right, and I do actually use auto, but it does some weird stuff sometimes that I never have understood, then fixing can be a challenge. Don't recall which one, but one of the "old timers" maybe Glenn or Dshall said way back when to learn to draw roof manually first, and once you understand that, then use auto roofs. Problem is I'm still not great at manual, so I keep trying to get better, and it does help actually. I've often wished you could select a manual roof plane (of many) and say. "leave this one alone", and auto the rest, but not an option I'm aware of, so whenever you rebuild roofs your manual one you wanted is whacked.
  15. Mr Cooper, That's the last of the pieces of the puzzle. I hate auto roofs, so will likely just draw one manually, which is always fun too. That's it Eric Adding the roof over window gets rid of the wall bulge above window. So with some tweaks here and there, there is a way to make a bow window in CA that does not rely on walls directly beneath the windows. Not all intuitive for me, especially the modify window components. Thanks so much guys!! Learned a bunch on this round.
  16. Finally figured out what I've been doing wrong. I didn't know this was an option, but do now. Thanks
  17. Thanks Eric. So the rounded part above then is stuck there I think, based on what you said. Chief is still looking at the window as a wall, of sorts. Even in Glenn's example he has that round part to wall above the window as well. Mr Cooper, i tried with and without the "lower ceiling" radio button selected and does not change the round wall over window. I also tried each of the roof options (Use Existing Roof, Extend Existing roof over and Rectangular roof over and none change the area above the bow window. Thanks though, I appreciate the input.
  18. Mr Cooper (and congrats on the 727 heist by the way) that was one of the pieces of the puzzle I was missing. The tab to get to change windows was something that hadn't dawned on me, and Glenn didn't mention. A quick try (just changing settings to see what everything does) helps with the bottom of the window "raised floor" and did the same for "lower ceiling". But still has the odd rounded part above window. and my terrain is still cut below window, but noticed that didn't happen to Glenn's so there must be something else i'm missing still. Changing the window components in DBX should fix the siding between windows, I suspect.
  19. Thanks Ryan. Glenn, I thought I had tried everything to get it to work, but clearly I had not. Back to the "drawing board" on this then. Thanks,
  20. Thanks Joe. I think that best I can do is a work around type solution. What Eric suggested above might work, but will take a bit to get it to look right.
  21. Eric, A quick try with your idea shows promising results, although I need to see the "results" of tweaking the floor / ceiling heights in the created tiny room to get the desired results. Thanks,
  22. Thank you Eric 1, and had tried that and was not satisfied with the way CA does it. Not many options available to improve. Eric 2, I'll try that method as minimally it would give me more control of the window components, I think. Thanks guys, I'll play a bit and see what I can do.
  23. Is there a way to easily create a bow window in CA that does not have support walls under each panel? Some bow windows are already mulled and fit within rough out in straight wall. Anderson for example make them. All the core CA bows force walls under the panels. Didn't Anderson used to have a bonus catalog in CA? Thanks,