? For Mr. Macro ( Joe Carrick ) Or Anyone Else ...


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See Joe Carrick he has a marco that will do what you are looking for it shows up on each rafter, ridge and hip, and you can get a sq. ft. of the area of roof also, my builders love it when I put this on the print, even the lumber supplier likes it saves them a ton to time

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There are 3 possibilities:


1.  Materials List - limited capabilities.

2.  Framing Schedule - not currently provided by Chief.

3.  Custom Macros to display the Labels

   a.  Labels can be formatted to display the data as desired

   b.  Lengths can be exact or rounded

   c.  Members can be accumulated and displayed as tabular lists.  (cut list or buy list)


I have a macro package that will Label all Framing - very close to what's shown in post #1.  I do not currently include the tabular lists but it would be possible.


I can't say what Chief might provide in any future version, but Labels as shown require more than it provides at this time.

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