Ceiling height isses (really messed up)


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Man the Bedrm 2 and 3 side of this house is really messed up and bedrm 4/loft 2nd left. would appreciate any heip. Cannot seem to get the ceilings to work right.

1. Bedroom 2 and Bedrm 3 side of the house has all 8ft flat clgs. (Master bedroom side of the house are 9 ft clgs. main living area, kitchen and breakfast it has a cath clg across the area).

2. Bedroom 4/Loft has 8 ft clg. Bathroom (8' clg. ) walls are not showing up when I  do perpective floor view.(lavatory side of wall is around 7'6" ht.)  4010 window would not even install. 


Thanks for any help.




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While working on this plan before, I deleted and rebuilt the 2nd floor to get things correct.


Delete 2nd floor and attic. Build new 2nd floor. Draw in the 2 walls to define the open below space. While still on 2nd floor, drop the bedroom side down. 


The stair looks like a tight fit, so I'd make sure it works too. 


Just a suggestion for the future -- Get the structure correct before adding things like furniture. 

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This is a tough one because its hard to tell exactly what you are trying to draw, how you got there, and what some of the different structure settings are supposed to be.  It would probably be worth while for you to take some training (specifically one on one to have someone walk you through it) or spend a little more time reading through the manual, guide, and/or help files and consider just rebuilding that from scratch.  The plan is a mess and has a lot of things going on that were modeled incorrectly and so I'm not even sure it CAN be fixed.  Honestly, if you can't get it sorted out in a couple hours or so, it might be faster to just redraw anyway. 

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I'll agree with Michael. I have seen people spend more time trying to fix, rather than redraw, and still not have a correct model. 


I tell people on HomeTalk to consider the first time as practice, and that a redraw should be much faster than the first time.


As others have said, get your defaults set first. 


You can Shift Select the furniture and other fixtures and copy to a new plan when ready.


Consider auto building the roof too, as the house is easy to set up for this.

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Newell maybe this will help. All the lower and upper floors are set to their default heights, the window is now OK, as well as that storage area. The floor overview looks OK (other than the roof cutting off the mirror and wall in the second floor bath but that's another issue). I also left the open below are with a floor for now, you can open that later if you choose. The furniture cabinets etc, are all there, just turned off.


You can now start to change things and come back to this stage of the plan as a foundation. Hope that helps.


Newell Plan Revised.plan

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