Issue importing word shearwall schedule into Rich Text


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post-235-0-53646400-1445963813_thumb.pngpost-235-0-81662500-1445963813_thumb.pngpost-235-0-75830400-1445963814_thumb.pngMy engineer sends me schedules (shearwall, header, footing , etc.....) in word.

I can copy the text and paste it into a CA Rich Text dialog box but when I click ok out of it shows up completely out of alignment.


Please see attached pics for cut copy and paste process.

SW1- copied directly from word to Rich Text

SW2- shown on layout page after "ok"

SW3- shown back in Rich Text after reopening


Any suggestion would be great- hate to have to recreate the whole thing.


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hmmm...weird.  Pasted just fine for me.


I did try and change the width of the rich text box and it got all messed up.  So I left the table in one text box and added a new one with the other info.


If you change the width of your DBX then it changes the way that table displays also...




Untitled 1.plan

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Tried paste special - same deal


I tried it a couple more ways and still all jacked up.

I do see how changing  the size of the DBX changes the table display.

Johnathan- it appears that he lines for the cell blocks in your version are different than the ones in the snips i posted- and i cannot edit or delete those individual cells, which would allow me to re-align the text as needed.

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open word doc.

looks just like it does in the screen shot i attached 

group select all the text and table.

open rich text box-right click- paste....looks fine

click ok- all messed up


this may just end uo being one of the great unsolved mysteries of my life i have to deal with  :o

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