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  1. If you want the X13 Real Time Ray Tracing to work for you it would be better to get the AMD RX6000 series card if you want to stay with AMD.
  2. That is what I am trying to find out, to see if this setting can mitigate this issue on Windows.
  3. Glenn, I don't believe so, I am just trying to determine why some users on Windows don't have this issue at all, just gathering more information is all at this point.
  4. Just out of curiosity, do you have this setting On or Off? It can be found in the Display settings area.
  5. Do you have any side windows on your secondary monitor? If so, keep all of your side windows on your primary display, library browser, project browser, etc, this will reduce the chances of having toolbar issues.
  6. I have seen both iterations, I get them all bunched up in the corner like I showed, and when chief is restarted or reset the toolbars then become all on 1 line.
  7. This is what it looked like for me.
  8. Glenn, I don't know at this point yet. I was also able to reproduce it on my PC, the first time was on a mac. Both times it happened I was opening a new plan. My toolbars were locked, I added the layerset and dimension default controls to them, and working in both monitors going back and forth with the side windows floating. I think the floating side windows is the key, at least for me. This last time I had just gone into the library browser then went back to the primary monitor did a new plan and bam.
  9. Good news, I got it to happen. Now if I can just do it again.
  10. Glenn, that is very helpful information. I am planning on looking at this in the afternoon, I have a few more things to get done before I can get to this issue. We can just use this thread for now. Are you using the oob toolbars or a custom configuration?
  11. Thanks Glenn, What I need to start is the exact resolution of each monitor, dpi, scaling, etc. Then which one is your primary monitor, what windows of chief are running on each monitor, a copy of your toolbars and the layout you have, side windows, which ones are displayed, where are they, docked, floating, then what are you doing when you notice them getting messed up. Are you sending stuff to layout, are you opening views, anything that can help us help you would be great. Screen pics are great to give me an idea of your window layout.
  12. I remember this issue well, I reached out to our users on April 28, 2020 requesting more information so we could reproduce the problem in house, and we didn't get any of the details that I was asking for to help us help our users. I was prepared to set up as similar of a system as I could find, had a dev engineer ready to help troubleshoot, and was ready to fully commit to reproducing the issue. After no information was provided, I moved on to the next issue on my list. Any forums I have ever been on when an internal engineer contacts me for additional information I am eager to provide what
  13. X12 will run on Big Sur, we are still evaluating whether or not X12 will run on Mac devices that have the M1 chips, the Rosetta translation app is not friendly to OpenGL apps, but we are in the midst of receiving hardware and will test and evaluate. We will be updating our system requirements when we have completed this evaluation.
  14. Are you running the latest update released on 4/21?