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  1. There is usually an "Upgrade" or "Get New Version" button that you have to click on to get the Public Beta to be displayed and made available.
  2. Windows has that as well, you can have multiple desktops and switch between them.
  3. If you just want your X12 toolbars in X13 you can reset the migration and then when prompted migrate your toolbars over. To reset the migration just go to Edit>Preferences and go to the Reset Options panel, on this panel there will be a button Reset Migration. Click it, restart Chief and it will prompt you for the migration, select only the toolbars and that should get you your X12 toolbars into X13.
  4. Edit>Edit Behaviors>Connect CAD Segments you turned it off.
  5. We recommend using the Nvidia Studio drivers, they are more stable, go through more extensive testing, and are on a scheduled release cycle, plus we get the pre-release builds so we are able to test and provide any feedback to Nvidia, if needed. We don't evaluate the game ready drivers, they are released randomly and too frequently for us to track.
  6. Actually I think the Rainbow Tool being referred to is this.
  7. The SSD is listed in his signature, which is probably where Rene noted it. I agree, the SSD could easily be upgraded to a 512GB or 1TB, and then just get an RTX card, since you have the AMD already, go for the RX 6000 series. I have the RX6800xt and it is comparable to the Nvidia RTX 3080, but any of the RX6000 series card would be a tremendous step up from what you currently have.
  8. It may be the same issue, if this issue only happens on the X13.2 update, but I am not 100% sure. This one may be unique to your system.
  9. Ok, thanks for the details, it is helpful.
  10. Which did you do first the update to Chief or the upgrade to Big Sur?
  11. When you say you upgraded Big Sur, do you mean you upgraded from Catalina to Big Sur or just upgraded Big Sur to 11.5.2? And was this the case for all of your macs seeing the problem?
  12. Update your video card driver, AMD released a consumer driver the Adrenalin 21.6.1 version to resolve some issues in X13 that were on their end.
  13. You can now go to your preferences dialog and on the reset options panel there is an option to reset migration if you want to migrate again from X12.
  14. If you want the X13 Real Time Ray Tracing to work for you it would be better to get the AMD RX6000 series card if you want to stay with AMD.
  15. That is what I am trying to find out, to see if this setting can mitigate this issue on Windows.