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  1. Chief_QA

    New update: HUGE Edit Area Bug

    The update is now live.
  2. Chief_QA

    New update: HUGE Edit Area Bug

    We are working on a fix and will have an update out as soon as possible.
  3. Home Designer pro user...

    Hi, could someone help/inform me, re cad lines at an angle or any angle? the lines are jagged and pixelated.

    My question is, is this normal or is it my PC or the lack of a proper graphics card. It's driving me crazy... HELP!!


    1. solver


      Please start a new thread to as a question, and ...

      You have found the forum for the Chief Architect branded products.
      Home Designer users have their own forum, HomeTalk, where you will find suggestions based on your software.

    2. brianeberhard



  4. I need help with the library locking up after each use.  I can work within the design, but the library does not work after any placement of materials and I have to restart Chief.  Any suggestions?

    1. Chief_QA


      You should contact our Tech Support so they can help you through this issue if this is on our released version, if this is on the Beta version then you should report the issue through the Beta reporting tool which can be found in the program at Help>Report Program Issue.  This way we can get the detailed information needed to resolve this issue.

  5. Chief_QA

    Chief X9 crashes Nvidia Display Driver

    For his raytrace issue it could be this problem:
  6. Chief_QA

    X9 beta version Failure to Ray Trace

    The missing DLL was provided in a windows update KB2999226 which may not have been installed on your system or maybe failed to install. If you run the Visual C++ Redistributable for 2015 found on the Microsoft website it should resolve your problem.
  7. Chief_QA

    Processor Core Usage In Chief ?

    Do you have a link for this data? I went to their website and I didn't find anything like you mentioned at all. I wouldn't consider "most affordable processor" defining any performance criteria like you mentioned. All I saw was some old outdated information involving a few laptops and a couple of HP desktop computers. Nothing covering Windows 10 at all, in fact some of the listings didn't even have Windows 8.1, only Windows 8. I especially like their Mac solution which is just run Bootcamp, no native solution at all. Running a directX software based system on a platform designed for OpenGL would not be something I would ever want to do. Do you know if they perform any OS certification testing like we do? We are Windows certified for Windows 10 and have been doing this since their certification testing became available. Our products are also used at Microsoft for their own OS update testing. I would really like to see this data and how we could improve our system by just recommending a few high end systems or cards and eliminate the freedom of our users to "run what they brung"
  8. Chief_QA

    Is X8 Client View Available Now?

    Yes it is, you need to request it from our website in the normal fashion, there should be a choice to request either X7 or X8 now.
  9. In X6 it would be better to bring in as a PDF, in X7 we improved the bringing in tabbed formatted text from outside of Chief and you could do live text in X7.
  10. Which version of chief? X6?
  11. Chief_QA

    Pdf Anomaly

    This should have been fixed in the update, if you are still seeing this issue please send in a plan to tech support so we can investigate this issue.
  12. Chief_QA

    Processor Core Usage In Chief ?

    Thank you, we have your report. We will be entering a critical bug on this and maybe our developers can fix the issue. However, I have the identical video card you have and am still not able to repro this crash. Your driver is a bit old, it is from 7/2/14 My driver is 2/5/15 9/18/13.4752. This could be part of it, you should check your other systems as well and see if they are also out of date and update. X7 uses some of the latest OpenGL commands and it is imperative to have the latest drivers to fully benefit from these newer OpenGL commands for system performance and stability. We still shouldn't crash, that is bad, and we will see if we can fix this.
  13. Chief_QA

    Processor Core Usage In Chief ?

    Did you send the report in? I am not able to reproduce the crash, I tried on 2 systems, with multiple 3D views, plan view, 1 raytrace going, 1 raytrace queued, generating 3D views, flipping through the library, CPUs maxed, fans screaming away and nothing. If you send the report in we can look at the action report and maybe better able to determine what is going on. When you get the assertion failure, there should be a send report button, just press it and we will have an action report. How easy is that?