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  1. The only difference between a studio driver and a game ready driver is the internal branching at Nvidia. A game ready driver may not have a hot fix that a previous game ready driver had, it may have come from a different code branch line which did not have the hot fix applied. The studio drivers are all pulled from main and then tested for stability, if a previous studio driver had a hot fix, all future studio drivers will as well. Also, the studio drivers are tested more thoroughly and provided to all Nvidia partners to test and respond if there are any issues found. This is not done with the game ready drivers. These are the only differences that I am aware of.
  2. It's available in my digital locker now.
  3. The 528.24 driver looks to be good, no new issues found.
  4. We are currently testing this driver and will let you know. Unfortunately, the release notes have never listed any of our issues as fixed, our only way of knowing is from our internal contact at Nvidia.
  5. Since you have been installing many different versions of drivers, I would start with a clean install of 526.98 if you haven't done that already and see what that gets you.
  6. The 526.98 11/16/22 Studio driver is the latest driver that is approved to be used, the later drivers have an issue, we are working with Nvidia to resolve this issue.
  7. Can you try and rollback to the 526.98 Nvidia Studio Driver and see if that fixes the error?
  8. You should contact tech support, there may be a setting that fixes it or if we can reproduce the issue then we have a better chance of fixing it.
  9. It looks like Nvidia just released a new version today, 527.56, may be related to the issues in 527.37? Not sure, we are installing and testing 527.56 now.
  10. Is this what you are looking for?
  11. There is usually an "Upgrade" or "Get New Version" button that you have to click on to get the Public Beta to be displayed and made available.
  12. Windows has that as well, you can have multiple desktops and switch between them.
  13. If you just want your X12 toolbars in X13 you can reset the migration and then when prompted migrate your toolbars over. To reset the migration just go to Edit>Preferences and go to the Reset Options panel, on this panel there will be a button Reset Migration. Click it, restart Chief and it will prompt you for the migration, select only the toolbars and that should get you your X12 toolbars into X13.
  14. Edit>Edit Behaviors>Connect CAD Segments you turned it off.