Get a total newby started using OBS to record Chief with voice


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I downloaded it and have watched training videos, but no one shows me how to just be in Chief and start and stop recording a video of me using the software.  When I have OBS on the laptop screen, I see no way to jump out of it into Chief without exiting OBS.


Help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hi Gene,

I am no expert in OBS, but I may be able to get you going until someone else steps in.

So I will keep it to the basics.

I am assuming you have 2 monitors.

Open OBS and have it on your second monitor.

Have a look at the Sources section.

Here you can configure your source - use the + button to add new sources - I use display Capture.

If you double click Display Capture, it will open a dbx where you can select the display to capture and any cropping required.

Over on the Right is the Controls Section.

Use Start Recording - this will change to Stop Recording.


See how you go with that.




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Even if you only have one monitor, if you hit + to add new Source and choose "Window Capture", you can choose Chief as the capture window, then after you hit Start Recording in OBS, you just click over to Chief, do what you need, click back over to OBS and hit Stop.

With Chief set as the captured window, it'll only record Chief, ignoring any other window you have overtop. So the start and end of your videos may have your mouse moving around "randomly" as you click between windows, but oh well.


Also under Settings> Hotkeys you can set Start/Stop hotkeys to avoid that stuff too.

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