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  1. TeaTime's post in How do I lock my wall heights? was marked as the answer   
    When you hit Build New Floor, take a look at the options, there's one for floor heights and one for roofs.
  2. TeaTime's post in Walls... was marked as the answer   
    So you drew the existing walls, set them to a "Walls, Existing" layer, then hid it? Those walls are still there. You don't want hidden walls, they're still there and affecting the model. You'll be better off drawing them with CAD or using some form of mask. Check out their resources https://www.chiefarchitect.com/search/?default_tab=all&q=as+built
  3. TeaTime's post in New computer and lost dimension capabilities was marked as the answer   
    Can't see how a new computer would affect that, but check the dimension defaults, Locate Manual and Locate End to End, specifically. If they're not set to locate things, they won't. I'd wonder what Dimension Default you're using, too, since they'll behave different depending on view. It'd be pretty surprising if you experienced this same thing in all views.
  4. TeaTime's post in transform/replicate was marked as the answer   
    Okay. We're mixing up using Transform/Replicate and just manually rotating. Also I'm not sure how "About Current Point" only lights up with a Point Marker, that doesn't make sense to me.
    Place a "CAD Point" (not Marker) at the hinge, then in the Edit menu change your Edit Behavior to "Rotate About Current Point". That specifically affects your manual actions using object handles etc.  Transform/Replicate also uses CAD Points, but that's where the "About Current Point" option comes in. Not sure why thats not working for you.
    Frankly I don't use Transform's Reflect often, I'd just use the normal Reflect About tool for that.
  5. TeaTime's post in Roof Pitch Labels was marked as the answer   
    Labels are controlled by the Layer the thing is on.
    With ALDO open, select a Roof Plane, you'll see the Roof Labels layer, select it, you'll see at the bottom what Text Style its using and can Define from there.
  6. TeaTime's post in Cabinets display joint lines inconsistently in plan view was marked as the answer   
    Easier solution. resize this one smaller


    then back again

  7. TeaTime's post in Need help with an exterior siding/paint color problem. was marked as the answer   
    Yeah definitely want to ask the HomeTalk forums. It appears HD does have the same blend function https://www.homedesignersoftware.com/support/article/KB-00131/using-the-blend-colors-with-materials-tool.html but I don't know if it had it in 2016.
    I suspect you should still be able to use the Adjust Material tool though. On the Texture panel there should be an option to blend the color there. The color chooser allows you to eyedropper a color from anywhere on your screen, so if you open your library browser to that material beforehand you should be able to pick it up from there.
  8. TeaTime's post in Lower Roof Gable and Eave Fascia Not Generating was marked as the answer   
    Overhang's too short. Pull em like an inch out from the wall and they'll be fine.

  9. TeaTime's post in stair question was marked as the answer   
    If you used the "Hole in Floor" tool, then it won't Don't use that. Make an "Open Below" room and it'll show stairs below.
  10. TeaTime's post in Stair Railing Question was marked as the answer   
    Frustratingly, no.
    When you use the Object Eyedropper, hit the Select Properties to Paint button in the lower left to see all the things that can be picked up and applied onto other objects. Railing walls have the "is railing" setting but none of the newel or baluster settings that would be needed.
  11. TeaTime's post in Separating Dimensions In Plan Views was marked as the answer   
    Both Foundation Dimension Defaults and Post Layout Dimension Defaults are set to use the same Dimensions, Plan layer.
    You'll want to create separate layers for each to really separate them.
    Same with your Text defaults, they're both using the generic "Text" layer.
  12. TeaTime's post in Angular dimension problem was marked as the answer   
    Yeah. I totally get that.
    Interesting issue I can't say I've encountered before.
    I pulled your Beams away and the original Framing dimension followed it like I'd expect, but when drawing new angular dimensions I see two things happening:
    1) I can still draw a dimension to the "center" of where the beam WAS - which appears to be the railing above, even though it's not displayed AND the dimension defaults are set not to even locate walls.
    2) as long as they're away from those hidden railings, a new angular dimension does attach to the sides as expected.

    Kind of a pain but you can pull those beams out, dimension them, them center-align them back into position.
    Also, are you aware that those railings on Floor 1 that these dimensions are snapping to are uh, for lack of a better term, subterranean?

  13. TeaTime's post in Icon Buttons Needed for iMac was marked as the answer   
    MacOS doesn't work the way Windows does, programs don't install into a folder structure that you browse around. Instead they're just self-contained programs.
    If you go to your Applications list and find Chief Architect, you should be able to Right-click or Option-click there's an option to access its contents.
    Once in there, it'll be similar, you should see a resources\buttons folder.
  14. TeaTime's post in Manual Porch Roof was marked as the answer   
    That gap is common in exterior type rooms. Its the roof ceiling surface being placed under the full rafter depth, you don't normally see that because there's usually a wall there covering it up. If those roof plane's stud thickness can be reduced then that'll take care of it. But a quick fix is actually in the porch room specification. Under the Roof section there's an option to Use Soffit Surface for Ceiling. This reduces the rafters over the entire room, instead of just at the eaves.
  15. TeaTime's post in Wall Under Flared End of Stairs was marked as the answer   
    Should just need to break and curve the section of wall where the flare begins.

    Probably helps to turn off Snaps, they'll probably just get in the way. Lots of eye-balling to match the walls curve to the flare.
  16. TeaTime's post in Lost My Custom Tool Bar was marked as the answer   
    I'm pretty sure all Lock Toolbars does is remove the little handle on the docked toolbars so they can't be moved around. Though it might also make floating toolbars undockable? But it's not going to lock the location of floating toolbars, or make them "unclosable." hitting the X will always hide that toolbar.
    To be clear though when you say it disappears are you able to right click the toolbar area and just recheck that toolbar in the Toolbars list? Or is it gone from there too?
  17. TeaTime's post in Garage Floor to Stem Wall set in Defaults but not showing in Actual Room Spec - Structure was marked as the answer   
    Maybe a silly question, but was the room set as a Garage room type before the foundation was built?
    There are other settings that should be set on that type of room - in short: that doesn't look like a Garage room at all.
  18. TeaTime's post in modifying terrain to create even slope for driveway was marked as the answer   
    Road objects will always be flat side to side but slope in the direction they're drawn (only the Line/Spline ones, polylines just follow the terrain). So long as you're using the line/spline tools it should maintain general sloped/flatness - however if you're crossing over other terrain elevation data lines, it's going to be competing with that data. I'd recommend cutting away any terrain lines/regions that the driveway is crossing over, making a path for the driveway.
    Also, depending on the existing elevation data, you may also need to add in some elevation lines within the driveway to force it to behave.
  19. TeaTime's post in Parametric / Stretchable CAD Duct Lines was marked as the answer   
    This is a result of using a too-big CAD Block though, not a limitation of the tool - the shorter the repetition, the better curves you'll achieve.

    Obviously you'll still get really bad results when you force something bad

    but that aint how ducting works anyway!!
  20. TeaTime's post in Is there a way to edit an existing Library object? was marked as the answer   
    Nope, they're 3D objects just like chairs and tables and such.
    Chief has a tutorial on this topic: https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/5532/creating-a-custom-cabinet-door.html
  21. TeaTime's post in How to edit an existing material in X14 was marked as the answer   
    Depends on the Material. And even then the answer is likely "maybe".
    If you open the Board & Batten material, it'll have a Texture image, and then likely a Bump Map or Normal Map. If so, you can delete the Texture and just use the Bump/Normal map - but those also might have some texture to 'em. So just removing the Texture image may not entirely get you there but it'll get you close.
  22. TeaTime's post in Brick not showing on 6" walls, but is on 4"? was marked as the answer   
    Just a thought though, if it's only happening with a certain type of wall, then it's a wall type issue.
    Open your 6" Brick wall's definition and make sure the Brick layer doesn't have "Air Gap" checked, very bottom option.
    That literally makes that layer not build anything in 3D.
  23. TeaTime's post in Can the Schedule Header Category Titles be Customized? was marked as the answer   
    Sure, open up the schedule and select the column name in the Columns to Include section and press Rename. Or double-click.
    I usually just delete the "symbol" header names, they're not useful.
  24. TeaTime's post in Gaps in exterior siding was marked as the answer   
    Your invisible walls are bisecting your exterior walls.
    Break the invisible, join the visible.
     instead of 
  25. TeaTime's post in Minor Bug? Anyone Else Seeing This? was marked as the answer   
    I don't use that dialog (I prefer just navigating in the Project Browser, don't need to remember which page number is which), but when I tested it just now it seems fine.
    Different layouts, closed and reopened the program.
    I assume you have the general Preference Save Dialog Position set to Always or Session?
    Maybe set it to Never, close and relaunch and set it back.