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  1. Searched "pop up" and found it in the list. They're in a Bonus catalog "MEP No.6 Specialty Electrical" on their Library webpage.
  2. Yeah it just totally depends on what they're being used for. Using Lines to create flat regions is a waste of time, that's what Regions are for. So I don't know that I favor one over the other. Adding to what @imodel said though, lines or splines must not crossover ANY Other elevation object. All elevation data should be separate in order for it to behave well. In fact that's how you control the degree of slope, the closer together they are, the steeper the change in elevation. As for it affecting interpolation time, I've not noticed any difference though I suppose it makes sense that it might. My understanding is that lines just distribute elevation points every so-many feet (this is observable if you cross elevation lines at differing heights, you'll sometimes see the contours touching the line at certain intervals), so I have to assume that regions are just doing the same thing in a grid, meaning many times more points. But, it's also flat inside, so there shouldn't be much to interpolate!
  3. Frustratingly, no. When you use the Object Eyedropper, hit the Select Properties to Paint button in the lower left to see all the things that can be picked up and applied onto other objects. Railing walls have the "is railing" setting but none of the newel or baluster settings that would be needed.
  4. The roof is building at the height of the Room, not the wall. Your walls have been modified in camera/elevation views to be a certain height, which isn't a great way to go about it. Set your ceiling heights and let your room tell the walls where to build. But for starters, Edit -> Reset to Defaults Fix the issue, then set your rooms' heights, then build roof planes.
  5. I'm guessing terrain. If so, check terrain specification and try lowering Surface Smoothing and/or Surface Triangle Count. Could also be something in your terrain causing overly complex interpolation, but that would take some actual investigation, so we'd need to see a plan file.
  6. Try pairing the Hole in Ceiling with a custom Ceiling Plane at 0" pitch.
  7. @EllaFioletova As you can probably assume, this is a manual process. You have to draw out all your connections, select the ones you want to set to a different layer, open them and manually change the layer they're on. Super frustrating that there's no defaults for the electrical connections. Sure would make this type of thing loads easier.
  8. Oh for sure, I rarely use Boxes myself, esp since you can keep a polyline rectangular by right-click dragging it's corners, there's no huge benefit to using Boxes aside from their special box styles, but those are pretty specific uses.
  9. True, But you can copy it to plan view and back again. Paste In Place Hold Position will remember it's location from Detail to Plan and back again.
  10. Yes, actually! Just not directly from Box to Polyline. Use Convert Polyline to convert it to something, anything, then you can use Convert to Plain Polyline and it'll no longer be a Box.
  11. TeaTime


    Be sure to check the Wall Type> Define as well as the Materials panel. Walls can be defined with one material but display an entirely different one. Its best if the Material panel says "Default". for each side.
  12. Please tell me you weren't playing with Notes for 3-4 hrs.
  13. Oh come now! I'm many things but a con-man I am not! Bingo - a technicality, perhaps, but it works.
  14. Unless: "CA X6, X10, X11" @madcowscarnival if this^ is accurate, you'll just need to upgrade to automate this. Horizontal framing was only introduced the last year or so.
  15. I think when you're removing the Text Above Line column, it's reverting back to sorting by Text. Re-add that column, sort by it, then uncheck Auto Sort, THEN remove the Text Above column.
  16. Once that column is added, then you can check Automatically Sort By and choose Text Above Line.
  17. @Renerabbitt ya know, you're right. I think maybe we're both right. His screenshots show they are certainly sorted by text, first one descending the others ascending. However the only way the numbers are messed up as a result is if the Text Above was manually entered. The problem is that you can't sort by the "2D Symbol" column, which is reporting the Text Above value. However, @DHerb2014, I think if you add the Text Above column then sort it by that column, you should then be able to remove that column and I think that should keep it reordered in the way you want.
  18. I don't think he is though, even when Sorting by Text, the numbers should automatically reorder themselves, unless there's something I'm missing, 'cause that's what I'm seeing.
  19. That's different though, that just re-adds missing numbers if things have been deleted. I'm actually a bit confused how it got mixed up in the first place since chief auto orders the numbers. When you open the Notes, is the Text Above Line set to the default %simple_schedule_number%? Or did you enter your own numbers?
  20. Unfortunately there's no quick-sort option, but you might try creating a new schedule. To Avoid deleting and reconfiguring it, if you just copy and paste this schedule it'll create a new one with new sorting, I believe based on the original placement order of those notes, and you'll likely get double numbers (1,2 3,2 etc) on both schedules. But if the new schedule looks like what you want, delete the original schedule and move on. If not, I'm not sure there's a better way of sorting them apart from manually dragging rows.
  21. Check the Wall Definition and make sure the outermost layer isn't checked as Framing. Very easy mistake to make and messes up your walls something fierce.
  22. I believe that comes from the scheduled objects themselves. Find the associated objects (countertops or cabinets) and check the Label panel associated. The Text Style it's using should be setting that size. So if the countertops listed here were generated from cabinets, check the Cabinets, Labels layer, if they're custom counters, check Polylines 3D, Labels