Is there a way to make a roll up metal window?


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20 hours ago, AlexDiversified said:

Does anyone know how to do this??

Messing with custom window symbols never makes me happy so....

I first just used a shutter and changed the width. Then went and grabbed one out of the library, deleted the frame,converted to symbol. Placed that symbol, added molding and eventually some solids. Finally used a pass through instead of fixed window then had to fiddle with window frame a bit as well as symbol origin and orientation. Plan attached with workings. With more effort could likely do a little better. (OR could do less too :)



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One method I've used is to use a garage door raised off the floor with a large number of vertical panels to make it look like slats. Couple that with a slab or polyline solid manually placed at the top for the housing. Quick and easy, but not the most accurate for 3D renders. If all you need is a plan representation or 2D wall elevation, this is fine though.


In this example, I used a 48" tall door, raised 48" off the floor with 32 vertical panels (48" ÷ 32 = 1.5" slats).



Another option would be to use a louvered window and adjust the sash settings to give it a border similar to Mark's example above.

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