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Okay, the folks at Chief Architect suggested doing this.  Kudos to them... they gave me solution that didn't require a full software upgrade. I'm very impressed. 


I was a Chief Architect user for 10+ years.  I'm semi-retired now, and I didn't really need to upgrade my CA software.  I don't have strong commercial needs anymore, so I bought the Home Designer 2022 software instead of full commercial C.A.  primarily so I can be my own client.  I didn't realize there would be compatibility issues.  Home Designer allows me to open my old C.A. files but does not allow me to work in them.  Technical Support said I can fix this problem if the file can be opened in Chief Architect, R13 or earlier I think she said, and saved as a Home Designer file.   I don't know where my UBS access "key" is to utilize my old C.A. software.. it's been a few years.


I have a single file that I'm hoping someone can open and save as a Home Designer file.  I confirmed that this is not against any laws or C.A. rules.This is my first use of this forum.  I will check back later today, assuming it's not okay to put my contact info here.  Your help is very much appreciated.


Thanks, Rich Kenney

Granite Falls, Washington

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The plan just needs to set to "allow editing in Home Designer" in the general plan defaults and saved.  It's important that it is done in X13 though because if it is done in X14 you still won't be able to read it.  Also, I hope you have HD Pro because if you have one of the other HD programs it still might not let you do what you want.



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