Designing A Simple Porch...please Help!


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Greeting CA forum: Generally I try to do my own work and figure out my own answers.  However, this time, I need help. 


I am trying to design a simple front porch using the Solid Railing and Post-to-Beam settings in the Railing dbx. 

My problem is that I am very limited as to where the posts are placed when CA generates the porch walls. 

In the dbx there is a setting for distance between posts, but no matter what distance I place in the edit box, the post will not spread more than half of the span. 

What I am trying to do is place one post at the corner of the porch walls and the other post about 4 to 6 inches from the ext. wall of the house. 

Sure I could build from scratch with framing tools and converting polyline solids, etc, but should I have to?

I have tried this using Deck Railing s well as Half Wall tools with the same result.  I am using the Porch room type and have changed the default 4" slab to T&G flooring.  Figured that would be easier than changing the decking to T&G.

Thanks. Dave.

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Chiefer:   I just tried that before I read your post.  Worked perfect.  Thank you very much.  I am new to CA.  It seems like a lot of these tricks just sorta come to mind when I turn off the computer and give my head a rest.


Glennw:  That is exactly what I meant.  Do you have any other suggestions other than the break tool?


Also, my next question would be:  Why don't the porch posts and beams show on the materials list.  The wall components show 4x8 for the beam no matter what size, but the posts don't show at all.  At very least I'd expect these to show up as exterior trim.  And why don't posts and beams for the porch show up when I Auto-frame?

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I cannot believe it!  I thought I was really getting the hang of CA.  My next dilemma... when I change my front porch wall from hip to gable the upper portion of the wall doesn't form.  I thought that maybe it was because CA knew that I would not have proper attic ventilation so CA refused to enclose this area. I figured I'd do away with the flat ceiling to make it a free-air attic space.  That strategy did not work.  For some reason if my porch goes over about 7' deep, the gable wall disappears.  Also tried Rebuild 3D.  Any helpers?



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