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  1. Quick and easy question. If I delete CA installed library catalogs while creating a new template, will those catalogs be forever gone until I reload CA X8, or will the catalogs be there when I open or start a new plan from my original template? Thanks.
  2. How about some progression downloads that go with the videos? Of all the CA training videos, I don't see anyway to download progress plans. It is hard to learn/follow tutorials when there are no progress plans. For example, Dalton/Albertson remodel tutorials. You cannot follow if you don't have the as-built plan. The closest thing I found for a start-to-finish was with the Cottage Chic, which in, it's introductory video, says you can download Progress Plans. However, there are No Progress Plans to download. It is particularly frustrating when then next video segment does not pick up from the previous, or changes to the model have been made between videos, etc...Hope I am not a complainer, but I did pay top $ for the software and yearly SSA, just want to learn how to use it. Dave
  3. Greetings. I am TRYING to follow the Cottage Chic tutorial videos. I am very stuck on Part 10: Building a Story and a Half. I have followed the tutorial meticulously and cannot seem to pull it off. Whenever I change the front roof pitch into an upper/lower pitch roof, the main gable roof becomes no longer coplanar. When I get the main gable roof back to coplanar, the dual pitched roof on the front of the house ends up with a very long overhang. I have tried many variables in the roof spec. dialog, but seems that no matter what I try I sacrifice one problem in favor of another. Has anyone else run into these problems? Also, when I delete and rebuild the Gable/Roof Line and auto rebuild the roof planes. the program doesn't even recognize the Gable Line. Are these possibly bugs in the software or me just not able to follow directions in the tutorials? Thanks to all who help.
  4. I am trying to do my due diligence and read the Reference manual cover to cover to learn CA. I am stuck on the CAD to Walls tool section. I have drawn 2 parallel lines close enough together to have them convert to walls via the CAD to Walls tool. Only problem is that the newly created walls don't show up in any of 3D views. The new walls are on Walls, Normal layer and that the Walls, Normal layer is turned on in the camera view. I have even switched to the ALL ON layer set. Still nothing in 3D. Thanks to all why have any ideas/answers.
  5. When I attempt to use secondary spacing for the "Multiple Copy" edit tool, I thought all I needed to do was set the secondary spacing to my desired value and click and drag with the right (alternate) mouse key. The result was only the primary spacing. I tried again by holding down the ALT key on me keyboard and I even changed to ALT edit mode on the File Menu. All I get is the primary spacing. I changed all secondary values for all objects just to make sure the software was not misrecognizing my framing member. I remember having the same issue with X6. Does anyone else have this problem or, for that matter, use Secondary Spacing on the Multiple Copy?
  6. I cannot believe it! I thought I was really getting the hang of CA. My next dilemma... when I change my front porch wall from hip to gable the upper portion of the wall doesn't form. I thought that maybe it was because CA knew that I would not have proper attic ventilation so CA refused to enclose this area. I figured I'd do away with the flat ceiling to make it a free-air attic space. That strategy did not work. For some reason if my porch goes over about 7' deep, the gable wall disappears. Also tried Rebuild 3D. Any helpers?
  7. Chiefer: I just tried that before I read your post. Worked perfect. Thank you very much. I am new to CA. It seems like a lot of these tricks just sorta come to mind when I turn off the computer and give my head a rest. Glennw: That is exactly what I meant. Do you have any other suggestions other than the break tool? Also, my next question would be: Why don't the porch posts and beams show on the materials list. The wall components show 4x8 for the beam no matter what size, but the posts don't show at all. At very least I'd expect these to show up as exterior trim. And why don't posts and beams for the porch show up when I Auto-frame?
  8. Greeting CA forum: Generally I try to do my own work and figure out my own answers. However, this time, I need help. I am trying to design a simple front porch using the Solid Railing and Post-to-Beam settings in the Railing dbx. My problem is that I am very limited as to where the posts are placed when CA generates the porch walls. In the dbx there is a setting for distance between posts, but no matter what distance I place in the edit box, the post will not spread more than half of the span. What I am trying to do is place one post at the corner of the porch walls and the other post about 4 to 6 inches from the ext. wall of the house. Sure I could build from scratch with framing tools and converting polyline solids, etc, but should I have to? I have tried this using Deck Railing s well as Half Wall tools with the same result. I am using the Porch room type and have changed the default 4" slab to T&G flooring. Figured that would be easier than changing the decking to T&G. Thanks. Dave.
  9. Count me in! I just received the X6 ref. manual about two weeks ago. I figure since I paid big buck for the software I may as well try to get the most out of it. I also purchased the User's Guide. I am terribly unimpressed by the User's guide. I would advise to not buy User's Guide, if it weren't for the 'Roofs' tutorial. I found it to be more hinderance than help.