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I need to show an open valley for a slate roof.  CA does not have options to control the types of valleys on a roof.  The same need exists when using a metal roof.  Anyone found an easy way to show this? 3D molding line?

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Solver-   Your response is a little off color.  I've had Chief Architect for a long time.  Numerous versions. I will research the CA site first, then see if there are any ideas here, and since I always keep my ssa current, I'll see what they have to say.  Like you said, I don't have time to fool around with figuring out how you want info presented.  The CA staff recommended I see if any of you had any good solutions.  I guess not.  Gotta go... Have a blessed day.

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I belong to a club of about a thousand members.  At any event or meeting, we all wear our name tag badges around our necks on nice logo (it's a car club) lanyards.  It is a great big group, much larger than my Rotary club meet, which is nametags also.  It is simple courtesy to wear the tags and badges, even though most of us know most all the members.


It is a courtesy here to do the same thing.  Your sig which gives very important information relating to software version and hardware on which it runs is essential to knowing how to respond to a question or problem or issue.


So be courteous.


Attached is a view of a plan with valleys in the roofscape.  I pulled back the planes at one of the valleys, six inches exactly.  I could make a copy of the building right alongside this one, auto roof it, edit the roofs away to leave just two 6" valley planes (the "valley patch"), retexture them as galvanized steel, and then copy and paste this into the roof with the gap valley.


So this was a courtesy, and we'd like to see you back sometime, all badged up.

2022-07-11 17_15_58-Window.png

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Gene, I appreciate your response.  Although Solver's response may have had good intentions, it did not sit well with me.  That said, what you recommended makes sense and is the kind of response I was looking for.  I did take time to put some info in my signature. If you will, please look at it and let me know what to add or delete.  I did just see yours and I will look up my hardware specs. I can delete my background if it serves no purpose. I have had Chief Architect for years, but I am new to this forum.  Thanks for your help.

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This can be done fairly easily - with a proviso that the valley actually sits on top of the roof surface.

This doesn't seem to be noticeable in the 3D views that I played with.

You can make Chief draw the 3D Polylines that hold the valley profile - the same way that it builds Ridge Caps - but it takes 2 steps.

Briefly, as I don't have a lot of time at the moment:

Build your roof.

Add a Ridge Cap to the valleys.

Select the valleys and place them on their own layer.

Rebuild the roof - Chief will build all the hips and ridges and also display the valleys you created.


Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 5.04.09 pm.jpg



Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 7.46.31 pm.jpg

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I can add more detail when I get some time.

But in the meantime, to get you going...

Build a roof as normal.

Double click. on the edge of a roof that you want to add the valley to.

In the dbx, Ridge Caps panel, Ridge Cap On Selected Edge, tick ON.

Do the same for all the valleys.

You may have to Reflect Vertical and/or Bend To Roof Pitch if you use a library molding.

Don't worry if any other ridges get altered, at this stage, we are only after the valleys.

Select the valleys (a 3D Molding Line) and move them to another layer for safe keeping.

Auto rebuild the roof.

This will rebuild the roof with the default roof settings - including without any valley gutters.

Your valley gutters should remain visible. You can select the valleys and edit them if required.

Give me a yell if you get stuck.


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