A-Frame House Wall issues


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I am working on an A-Frame home (first one for me).

I did the main floor and then put a roof on it. The roof is 20/12 (just testing for now) on a 48" wall.

I then used the "Build New Floor" in the Build tools to build a second floor. When that was done there are corner walls (not sure how to describe them) beyond the roof in the corners of the house on the second floor. And the floor continues out over the shed dormer areas. The house is rather rough right now as it is in the preliminary stages.


I've attached a pic if it helps.


What am I doing wrong? Any help will be appreciated.

2022 A-Frame.pdf

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Too many variables to answer that question.  Best to include the plan file.


Also please post pictures as a png or jpg direct so anyone who wants to take a look does not have to download the pdf to their computer to see it.  Most will not do so and you will get more help if you place a quality screen grab of the picture.  You can use the Windows snipping tool to take a pic and then just CTRL+V to paste it into your posting.


Anyways post a plan and one of us may be able to take a look.

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It appears the walls are 2nd floor walls that are being cut off by the roof planes. You need to move the walls in from the sides. If you look on first floor you will see the ceiling break lines.

This should be the exterior of the 2nd floor walls. I made a sample for you to look at the settings.

Also my build sequence was, 

1- Place exterior walls, edit room ceiling to 48".

2- Set up roof pitch desired and structure to actual material sizes to be used. IE. rafters are set to 2x12 at16 on center.

3- build roofs.

4-open room dbx and set ceiling height to 8 or 9' or what ever you want under the loft area.

5- build 2nd floor

6-add walls to sides of window and door openings.

7-manualy  build roof over door opening, adjust fascia height to desired height above door.

8 - copy over window.

9- put railing on 2nd floor to create open below room area


have a look at the sample, link here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/9yqsrtveidv9zfn/A-frame-sample-x12.plan?dl=0


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In your existing model delete the end walls you drew to get rid of the extensions and let the attic wall be generated.



Well my take would be to start from scratch and use a normal height 1st floor, build a blank second floor.

Set roof defaults to 20 pitch, ignore second floor, raise/ lower from ceiling to achieve the 48" side walls (i.e 109 room then -61) Build roof. Change attic wall from "no room definition" to having one. (Numbers vary depending on what you need but watch your head :)

Add interior walls and railing to second floor stairs, ladder whatever as needed-(there should be an dotted line in plan to show you the limit of where they can go)

For shed gable-

Change roof default to do the gable- say a 4 pitch and I set to lower from 109 to 84 at the gable (-25) keep ignore second floor. Break the existing roof at two points where you want each gable. Pull the existing roof back, draw a roof plane in that space snapping to each side of the current roof you pulled back. Join roof planes as needed.

Draw an exterior wall on one side, set to roof cuts wall at bottom, copy and reflect about the the shallow roof. Adjust the eave of the 4 pitch roof so that the new high shed wall finishes up.Adjust the opening in the 20 pitch roof or move the side walls if need be or - perspective and first floor below



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