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nope, that was 3DA ver 5 done by a totally different vendor

nothing to do with CA (ART back then)

can you save it as a .DXF or .DWG ?



that is incorrect when Broderbund had it it was made by chief I use to have it but after that some one took it over , I think version 4 and below was chief 
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I think it should open with an early version of chief but will probably lose a lot as far as textures and etc. are concerned. I started with 3-d home and went to chief with Ver.4 and used some of my early plans for awhile for the contractor I was working for at that time.


Am only running chief as far back as X-1 at this time.



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Many thanks to Ken, Mark, Lew, and Michael! I to started with 3D Home Architect, but couldn't find the program (probably on a dead PC). I was able to open the file with CA V9, but lost the roof for some reason? Anyway, from V9 to X1, and X1 to X4, so all is good. Hindsight is always 20/20, I could have re-drawn the plan quicker.

One problem I encountered, that I've never seen before, is that the original file had railing newels set to 255", and when you drew a railing, all you could see was a huge white square. Go figure?

Thanks again!

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when bringing legacy plans forward there are always

"translation" issues - some minor, maybe some major

software looks at "A" and says how do I do it as "B" now ?

usually software doesn't eliminate features but only improves them

this is why it is not possible for complex software like Chief

to be backward compatible

it would have no idea what to do with "B"

and would probably need to leave "B" out and then

there would be gaps and unconnected pieces

and in general just result in a horrible mess


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