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  1. Set shelves to zero, and use cabinet partitions?
  2. I have learned some through trial and (Lots of) errors. Basically, each time you create a materials list, and include pricing for the items contained therein, you can select these items and update the Master List with these cost. For instance; Your Master List shows 2x4x92-5/8" @ $2.00, and your new list has the same item, but at current cost of $3.00, you can update the master list with the new cost. Over time you will develop a substantial cost data base. As for newly created materials list, you would select the items on the list, and update the cost from the master list. Any exact item in the Master List will then transfer that cost to your new list. I used a simple plan for this purpose, which has most of the items we normally require for every project. Also, you'll want to re-visit the "Structural Member Reporting", check the buy list, and add or remove items as needed, and check "Consolidate Unhandled Boards. This should end the materials list reporting 15 pieces of 2x4x3-7/8", and group them into something like 1 Pc. 2x4x7'-8 5/8. Good luck, I hope this helps.
  3. So, explain what isn't good about how the timer in Chief works? You can start and stop whenever you want, enter which phase you're working on, it keeps up with the dates and times, and you can delete any entries you want, i.e., all entries from previous versions of the same plan, also, you can export the time, you don't have to use another program running in the background, so ....?
  4. I think if you select the door (or window) one of the options on the bottom of your screen will be to add a gable over it. Not sure that's what you wanted?
  5. I did something like this in CA 9, by doing an overview with "all on" and exporting the jpeg for each time I turned a layer off, then imported all into Paint Shop Pro, and added each as a layer. Using the eraser in PSP, I was able to accomplish an end result similar (although not nearly as professional). Would be nice if CA were to give us a layer eraser, free handed!
  6. I would start by creating a 2nd floor, with a ceiling height that equals the short knee walls (looks like between 24-30"), create the roof with the pitch to match the existing, then once the roof is in place, with the correct framing dimensions, 2x8, 2x10, etc., open the room dialogue box and un-check ceiling above this room. This should give you the cathedral/sloped ceiling you need. And as far as I know, this is the way every version of CA works :-)
  7. Yes, but they could be reduced thickness to match the framed walls. We do this quite often.
  8. Perhaps you could use 6" poured walls 2'-3' in on the rear corners, since there is no back fill at the daylight wall?
  9. Many thanks to Ken, Mark, Lew, and Michael! I to started with 3D Home Architect, but couldn't find the program (probably on a dead PC). I was able to open the file with CA V9, but lost the roof for some reason? Anyway, from V9 to X1, and X1 to X4, so all is good. Hindsight is always 20/20, I could have re-drawn the plan quicker. One problem I encountered, that I've never seen before, is that the original file had railing newels set to 255", and when you drew a railing, all you could see was a huge white square. Go figure? Thanks again!
  10. Does anyone know if an old file created with Broderbund 3D Home Architect can be opened using Chief Architect X2 or X4?