Diamond Shaped Window


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Take a look at the "ARCH" options in the Window dbx.  It can all be done there very easily.  You might have to experiment a bit but it is there.  I or someone else could show you exactly - but you'll remember it better and learn more if you have to get there yourself.

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Achieving the diamond is pretty easy. Insert a fixed glass window with identical height and width, remove interior and exterior sills and lintels, then a dogear arch with a height equal to 1/2 the overall height and reflected vertically:





The kicker is the muntins - I can only get one - you may have to manually add the other unless someone else can find a solution.

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1) Put in a picture Window/Door (although, I think any window will work) , I think the door has to be a glass door only

2) While in cross section view, use CAD lines/arcs to draw your muntins

3) make block out of your cad objectspost-82-0-59394400-1421082758.jpg

4) select your window

5) convert to muntins using icon at bottom of screenpost-82-0-69553900-1421082775.jpg


Search "Creating Custom Muntins" in knowledge base - I believe there are videos on this as well.


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