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Thank you for the question.  The seller will need to contact our Customer Service directly.  Customer Service will provide the seller with the necessary form and the license transfer fee.  The transfer fee varies depending on the history of the license and can range from $100 up to $900+.  The license transfer fee must be paid, and the License Transfer Form must be signed by both parties before the software license can change ownership.


Note that SSA is not transferrable. If you would like SSA, you would need to purchase it separately through an SSA renewal (if qualifies) or by upgrading.


Let us know if you have any questions.


Kind regards,



Chief Architect Sales



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Sorry one more question, the ssa is about $600 and that gives you free upgrades for a year.   So would it matter if I bought an x12 or x13 license used if I'm buying the SSA from directly?

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You can't buy SSA for X12 , current version only , for X12 you would need to upgrade to X13 ...but that includes SSA

 and is currently $625 on Sale.



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I am a design build contractor and very frequently work on remodeling. I really love what I do and I have been experimenting on chief architect for some time now and also geared on purchasing the software. I have also been checking ChiefTalk for some time now and I have a question regarding outright ownership after purchase. My thing is that when I buy the software, I have full ownership and I can do whatever I want with it - selling it to whoever I want to, without been controlled by CA for change in ownership and also charging a fee for the change. That is outrageous or what I will call greed.

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49 minutes ago, globalhome said:

My thing is that when I buy the software, I have full ownership and I can do whatever I want with it


You don't actually ever Own Chief are granted a License to use that one copy in perpetuity and while Chief doesn't have a Subscription Model, Like AutoCAD or Adobe do these Days, I would say the Annual SSA is about as close as you can get without using the word subscription, though that is what allows for tech support , getting the latest Version each year and access to the newest Version's 3D Library Files.




The Transfer is pretty painless it seems and costs $50 for a Full License, through the Sales Dept. ,

costs vary for secondary Licenses and are based on the Full Version Price > second license cost difference.


You should check the Offers Forum you may find a Deal there....



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also note that the software requires a software lock and needs to touchbase with the mothership every so often

or the license can be turned off


X9 was the last version to have a hardware key that gave independence of CA's control

unless the key breaks etc 


the software lock was introduced with X2

someday I expect to hear that CA has turned off all software licenses prior to version XYZ


they have never indicated this - just my supposition that they could 



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