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  1. I have been trying to create a macro, but I've had do success. I created simple macros to label different materials, objects, and etc. Would you explain or point in the right direction in creating the correct macro for roof framing.
  2. How can I change the callout to feet not inches. I just can not find where to do that. Vs. X8
  3. Thanks guys for you help. I purchased the surface pro 4 yesterday evening. Room planner was not meeting my needs. 1. Can't delete walls 2. limited library 3. I'm just acclimated to chief premier (faster) RP was taking to long to get the as-built for my kitchen remodels. I not sure if it me or the app. Time is Money.. David Caddoo, I'm also plan on using my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. The SP4 was $899.99 and a additional $130.00 for the keyboard. Needless to say I didn't purchase the keyboard, just a very good Protective case Again thanks everyone.
  4. I'm considering to purchase a surface pro 3 for as-built. Chief's "Room Planner" is just not getting it done. It only good for sketching out the wall, which is great, but....
  5. I'm trying to create a 3 drawer 36" corner base cabinet. I'm not sure how to do this. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hey I'm not sure what you was asking but.... I made some changes in the defaults for the story pole dimension and tweak the names of the callouts. Also look at the cross section. We do things a little different down south.. I would have made it a mono slab, but lowered the bottoms of the footing to be below frost line, 24" Hope this helped. heit garage CA2 AHSHD 16.plan
  7. I use a similar product called "Superior Walls". Superior Wall (TN.) guarantee the wall will be level, plumb, and square with in a 1/8" of a inch. Also a footing and water proofing is not needed. They will also install the stone (79) for a additional cost. If it works out let me know, especially if its priced better than Superior Walls.
  8. what part is not clear ??? Lew The late fee? Why a late fee? Most Memberships and licenses boards have late fees.
  9. I thought SSA was a fee paid to access certain libraries, videos, and tech support. not a membership fee.. AIBD and NAHB has late fee for Memberships... Gee Wiz!!! I need clarity. The Email I received Please Note: If your SSA expires, a $95 late fee will be applied and the one-year SSA period will begin from the time of renewal. If a new version has since been released, then you are subject to regular upgrade pricing. Upgrade pricing fees can be found on The information on CA Website: Chief Architect offers Support & Software Assurance (SSA) on an annual basis. SSA is included with all new purchases. It is optional to renew after the first year. Support & Software Assurance provides the following benefits: Updates, Major Releases and New Versions Priority Technical Support Over 500 Online Training Videos Download Library Catalogs Discounted Training Seminars Discounts on Secondary Licenses
  10. Thanks for the help Dermot.
  11. sorry, HumbleChief. I was trying to change the size of the text in the call out. Not the call out itself. I did not say that in my original post.
  12. I have tried to reduce the size of my X section Callouts. I went to default setting and can not find a way to do this. please help..
  13. Go to the American Institute of Building Design website. They will have the guidelines for your state. I join the organization 10 years ago. There are different levels in the organization. Also they have Continuous Education seminars. Once you join, they will be a big help to you. Also, you'll probably need to join the International Code Council and get a Code Book. Hope this Helps!!
  14. I usually do my landscape designs in ACad Architectural , but trying to get away from it. I have the shrubs and trees in the schedule but need to get the ground cover in the schedule. need a little input from my Chief Fam.
  15. Thanks for everyone's input and suggestions. I will save a copy of the plan and raise my roof plane hgts and then raise the second floor, then the main floor. the real issue are the stairs: Space is limited. Also there are tray ceiling, coffered ceiling, and two story areas. It seem I have my work cut out for me. cool..
  16. Thanks guys... I knew it was a simple way to do it. Will try in the morning,
  17. I finished a set of plans in X6. I'm recently change from Version 10 in December. My customer wants to change the ceiling height on the Main Floor from 9' to 10'. They also want to change the Second Floor ceiling height from 8' to 9'. Will someone give me a few quick pointers or a simple way to do this in X6 Thanks in Advance.
  18. I had to create a trim piece to make it work out. Mulling the window unit with the trim piece threw my window schedule off. Wrong window height. Thanks Charlie for your help. Will post a view in a minute.
  19. I'm newbie to X6, was using Vs. 10. Is there a way to do this in X6. Thanks
  20. I went into Preferences, under Render, then in General Options and changed Hardware Edge Smoothing to None. Thanks everyone for tour help.
  21. Not quite sure where to check if chief is using the video card. Will start hunting your solution as soon as I return to my office. Thanks