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  1. Hello, Is the X10 license still available?
  2. Hello, Is the X12 license still available?
  3. Hello, Is the X10 license still available?
  4. I don't know what the specific skus mean - it is listed as x10 but don't know if they have restrictions of which skus can be upgraded. Thanks
  5. Sorry one more question, the ssa is about $600 and that gives you free upgrades for a year. So would it matter if I bought an x12 or x13 license used if I'm buying the SSA from directly?
  6. Hello, I'd like ot purchase a used copy of Chief Architect x13 on chieftalk through the forum. Do I reach out to sales and get any forms necessary or should the seller? Thanks.
  7. Any rumors on what will be improved in x14?
  8. I'm not sure how decent your current processor is but if you are willing to wait with a fairly decent one the CPU 3D Ray Trace is essentially the same picture however it takes an hour to two hours to process - about 35 cycles for outdoor and 50 for indoor - whereas the video card will do it in about 1 minute. It is a shame the 3D function doesn't take advantage of the numa processing as far as I can tell on a decent video card without RT tech.
  9. Sorry - I just got my first response - not sure if anyone has done this before. Do we call CA and they do the transfer?
  10. Hello, That sounds fair to me. You can message me and I'll give you my email address. I thought you couldn't transfer SSA?
  11. Hello, If anyone has a legit copy they want to get off their hands, feel free to message me. Thanks - just need one license please. Ideally looking for x13 at a good price or x12 but then I'll need to upgrade it so the best deal possible please.
  12. Thanks so much! I've reached out to a couple people in that section.
  13. Hello, Maybe the only way to buy is from them direct but I can't seem to find any discounts or anything and perhaps that is just the way it is. If there is a legit way to get the software for even a few hundred less than $3000 I would really appreciate the info. I realize they have the rental but if possible, I'd like to purchase if there are any big enough discounts. Thank you.
  14. Thanks - so much! I'll give this a try in a bit. I didn't want to leave you hanging - I'll check on this in a few hours. Oh - by the way the screen shot was from around the corner - between the garage and the main house attic - although it is probably the same issue. I'll also try that ignore second floor trick! That was kicking my butt for hours!
  15. OK - this is kind of embarrassing to upload but if helps people like you willing to help why not? Please be aware I don't claim to be an architect or a interior designer. I just thought I'd see what a house might be like visually if I wanted to know how much space I want if I had deep pockets and a couple of more cars than I currently have. I then got playing with this a bit more and realized I enjoyed killing time with this due to covid.!AonCBRorVv74rAx7_giI2OcpahFA
  16. Thanks - I'm happy to do so - not sure how to do that - the plan is 250mb. Is there a way to strip it down to the essentials or a place that this site uses for those files?
  17. Thanks for taking a look - it is a view - looking over the wall at a wall behind it. There is about a 2' gap over the wall that allows you to see beyond it. I want the wall to go to the underside of the roof - not 2' below it. There is drywall - then the wood color is the center of the wall construction and you can see more drywall in the background from another wall way behind it. The murky green is insulation.
  18. Hello, I'm not sure why but if I specify that a all is an attic wall - it stops about 2 feet below the roof. I need to divide my garage attic from my house attic and they share a wall on the 1st floor. I'm trying to put in an attic wall above and it is about 2 feet below the roof construction. I tried a few things but couldn't figure it out - I turned off attic roof and it seems to go halfway into the roof construction but it doesn't go through the roof.
  19. My bad - changed it to a shelf ceiling and all is good. Thanks again for all the help!
  20. Thanks for all your help. It is set for garage. I do have bit of a glitch - I did something wrong and just a smidge of the wall is too high and sticking through the roof. I tried adjust a few heights but it seems to make the guttters much lower if I do that. Roof shot Attic view of the section that sticks through.