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  1. The nice thing is that your answer is accessible now to someone else with the same question. I haven't tried it because I had found a similar solution when you were writing your helpful response. So other newbies like me can quickly do this same thing. I've found myself going back to my old post 6 months later as I forgot how to do something. I threw in some posts but people get the idea.
  2. Found it. There is a room divider option when you go to exterior walls.
  3. Thanks - that is the issue - if I select to cover it as it is in the drawing it covers the entire shaded area. I'd like to cover just the area circled with the blue freehand line.
  4. Hello, I'm using the auto roof generation tool. I'd like to have a partially covered deck. It is probably obvious but how do I designate a portion of my deck as a room so I can cover that section of the deck? I've circled in blue the section I'd like to designate as a room. I may be asking the wrong way to do it but I'd like to extend the roof over the area I've circled. Thank you.
  5. Hello, I apologize for asking this again - I know I found the answer here before but can't find the bookmark for it. I know I got a link for a site with objects that can work with CA (but I think they are also for something else). I know I got a Honda Accord, an aeron chair and some other items but for the life of me I can't find that website. It had tons of free downloads. Thanks.
  6. Hello, Was that of any help or did I send too much?
  7. Thanks! I just tried to zip it but I'm still at 80mb. Here is the file if anyone wants to try it.
  8. Sorry - hard to tell due to the lack of colors on the walls but the right hand wall is visible in the picture (your right hand from the point of view in the picture - as in if you were walking up the stairs your right hand would be on the side with the visible wall). The left hand wall is invisible - I drew a line where you can see the stud instead of the wall and a circle that if I swing the camera around towards views into the kitchen instead of a wall. Is reattaching the file a function of Chief or would you like me to upload my plan? Either way - everyone has really helped me here and I really want to thank everyone. I started with Chief for the sake of just seeing how many square feet I would need, not really worrying about if I would keep the layout. Then as I got playing with it, I just started having fun. I admit what I'm doing is like bringing someone who does glitter and macaroni "art" to an art exhibit compared to you guys but I'm having fun learning the very basics of this program and truly appreciate the help everyone is providing.
  9. Thanks - for some reason when I say cut off at roof for the 3 interior wallls surrounding my stairwell, 2 show up fine but the third is invisible. I even tried deleting it and copying over the parallel wall but the same issue occurs. The wall shows fine if I don't cut it off at the roof (so I don't have the large sheet rock partition below the kitchen floor in the stairwell to the basement. I created a new wall, removed the stairwell and made the new wall a foot to the right so nothing is possibly touching it and it still disappears if you have roof cut at wall bottom.
  10. Solver - thanks! Sorry for the picture - couldn't get rid of it. I was trying to figure out these wall extensions but realized I needed to cut wall at floor /roof. Is there any practice for designating floor space for stairwells - hallway?
  11. Snestor - thanks for forcing me to see what I kept missing!
  12. Hello, I'm thinking about building out the floor joists / truss system for the basement that goes under the 1st floor for support. I can't seem to get rid of the ceiling though. I'm sure it is obvious but it eludes me.
  13. Thanks! I'm working on it - do I specify here that I want closed cell and rockwool on the interior? I'm wondering how I specify I want it between the framing timber. If I go to the main layer and add anything it increases the thickness of the wall but I want it between the framing. I'm sure the answer is in front of me but I don't see it. I'm not sure if I should do this but I think this is close. I'm just manually typing these into the default. I'm not sure how to put in the measurement for closed cell spray insulation. Unfortunately even after I make those changes, when you click on an exterior wall of the same type it doesn't show those components.
  14. This may seem like small potatoes in the grand scheme of things but it has been very helpful to me as I'm trying to get the size of the house down. I'm not sure if it is possible; the living area has to be calculated. In my case it is base on a contiguous rectangle - is it possible to show the calculation by which it achieved that number?
  15. Solver - Thanks so much for taking the time to make a video!
  16. Hello, I'm getting some great help here. I'm at the point I'm learning for the sake of learning as I find this interesting. I'm trying to create the correct external wall structure which (in my case) would be fiberboard siding over a rain-screen, over house wrap over Zip-R9 with 2x6 (T-Stud or LVL) at 24 OC with 2" of closed cell with 4" of rock wool and possibly some poly before the sheetrock. I watched a video on it and don't seem to be getting it right. I can't find rain screen (may go by another name e.g. lap bands or something else.) and haven't found the T-stud or LVL or styro or poly sheeting. Don't beat yourself up trying to help if this is too hard to explain to a newbie, I'm just curious.
  17. Hello, I have done a lot of room designs, tossed in a lot of items. I realize I need to eliminate about 1.5' right in the center of my home floor plan. I could move all the items little by little and shrink the exterior walls. I was wonder if I could put breaks in the walls and then move the remainder over. I realize I should have planned ahead but I really wasn't sure where this plan would take me. If you know the best way to do this please let me know. E.g. in this drawing if I wanted to remove about 1.5' in the area that is indented so instead of 39' 10" it became 38' 4"
  18. LOL - that was embarrassing but I appreciate you taking the time to respond!
  19. Robdyck, thanks! I found it right after I posted it. I appreciate all the help people like you and Chopsaw provide newbies like me! DOOH - I thought I had it but even if I change the text to 10" -it goes back to 6" right after I close it. How do I fix what I did wrong?