Basement frame wall shows incorrect step down placement in elevation view


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I'm having trouble getting my walkout basement framing to step correctly in elevation view.  It is happening on both my rear and left elevations.  In my screenshot, you can see that it looks correct (the way I WANT it to look) where it steps from full foundation to partial frame wall. But when I go from partial frame to full walkout, the framing level changes at the midpoint of the retaining wall.  In the additional screenshots, you can see where my intersection points are placed correctly (I believe) on both my basement frame view and my foundation view.  I literally draw basements like this all the time and this is the first time I've encountered this.  I can't get that framing to move, no matter what I do!  Help!!!






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43 minutes ago, CElder said:

Sorry - forgot to include the plan.  Here it is.  I hope you can access it from a zip file.  It was too large to upload.



foundation step issue 4.6 MB · 1 download

While this isn't the solution you are looking for, it is an expedient fix which I use whenever it's quickest A material region set to Opening, no material, and a thickness of 0" (set to cut the finish layer). Once you set it to 0" thickness, you'll only be able to select it in plan view.


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I think this is happening because the external wall of the house is being broken at the retaining wall because the top of the lower pony under the doors is too close to the bottom of the lower pony wall under the triple window.

ie, not enough "throat" to make it one contiguous wall.

The 2 parts of the external pony wall are joining at the retaining wall.

Can you drop the footing under the triple window a little?

That would then allow you to make the rear wall of the house one continuous wall and place the step where you want.


Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 10.16.52 am.jpg

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