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  1. It took me a whole day but here's how close I got!! Whew!!
  2. I'm trying to create this stair railing for a plan. I've tried moldings, millwork, railing/walls, turning on railing on the stair DBX. I can't get anything that even looks remotely close to this - need the open tread ends and the sloped turnout. I created the wrapped treads by using landings for the bottom two treads but that's the only success I've had so far. Anyone have any tips for me? Am I stuck building a 3D block piece by piece and inserting it in the plan? That's the only thing left that I can think of and am trying to avoid it...
  3. Sorry - forgot to include the plan. Here it is. I hope you can access it from a zip file. It was too large to upload. foundation step issue plan.zip
  4. I'm having trouble getting my walkout basement framing to step correctly in elevation view. It is happening on both my rear and left elevations. In my screenshot, you can see that it looks correct (the way I WANT it to look) where it steps from full foundation to partial frame wall. But when I go from partial frame to full walkout, the framing level changes at the midpoint of the retaining wall. In the additional screenshots, you can see where my intersection points are placed correctly (I believe) on both my basement frame view and my foundation view. I literally draw basements like this all the time and this is the first time I've encountered this. I can't get that framing to move, no matter what I do! Help!!!
  5. But... I don't think any of us here on the Chief Forum have the clout to change the way the entire construction industry of the United States chooses it's system of measure. At least I don't... so the metric conversation is a bit of a moot point.
  6. @Renerabbitt - Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the same issue when I do work on my laptop at home then plug in to a larger monitor in the office. They are both set to 1920x1080 and 100% scale but it keeps happening and is very frustrating when I have to check my text boxes every time I re-open a file! I hadn't thought to do a Match Properties sweep to grab them all at the same time. I was going into each box separately and clicking ok so it would reset. Hoping for a better solution that will actually fix the problem if you have found one in the past few years!
  7. I'll have to spend a little time playing with that. Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Just deleted my question because I figured it out myself! Should have tried to problem solve before asking the question! Thanks though!
  9. Rene - That is EVERYTHING!!! Thank you! Showed it to my boss in both 1/4" and 1/8" scale and he is pleased. Would still prefer a stacked fraction but maybe someday... This is a HUGE improvement! Thanks again!
  10. @Alaskan_Son - THIS!!!! How did you do that!?!?!?!?!
  11. Good to know! I haven't made the switch yet but plan to do so soon!
  12. Thank you all for suggesting many solutions that are not even remotely feasible for me. I work for my GC, as an employee. I don't get to tell him how I am going to draw a plan. I do it the way he wants it done. We use 1/4" dimensions literally ALL. THE. TIME. for a variety of reasons that are necessary and cost-efficient in our building process. Maybe it's different where y'all are from but where we are, it's hard to find quality help right now. We employ our own framers and, frankly, it's hard to find people that can read, much less navigate a print properly, these days. Also, my boss has made this mistake while doing calculations a number of times as well but we like the narrow font because wider fonts don't fit between the arrows as well, which adds to the clutter of already congested areas of a print quite often. Being able to move the hyphen to the preferred location between the whole and fraction inches would make it so much easier to read. I just wondered if there was an alternative method that would work for me and my company. Clearly, there is not at this point. I've seen many benefits to this program since switching to it but I've also run into some limitations I didn't have before. Once again, I leave this forum frustrated, without the answers I'm looking for.
  13. I'm wondering if there is a way to customize what dimension text looks like more than what the drop down list of options provides? The default way Chief lays out a dimension has caused my framers issues a number of times since I started using this program. Today's example is that a dimension similar to this screenshot was read as "twelve feet, eleven and a quarter inches" because the 1s are so close together and are the same height which makes it difficult to see how many there are. Now we have fireplace framing that is 5" off-center in a room. (This is not the actual plan, just a sample with the same dimension reproduced). I'd love if we could utilize stacked fractions in a dimension format (like the top option I've created using a Rich Text box) or at the very least be able to customize the format like the center dimension below so that I can place the hyphen between the inches and the fraction to avoid future confusion. Am I missing something in settings or this a huge ask that just can't be managed?
  14. I'm having trouble creating my stair rail properly. I need the pony wall railing to run all the way up the stairs to second floor. Open stairs to basement with rail approximately 60" long, flat along the main floor, should be drywall above covering the stairs to upper level. Additionally, for some reason the short railing pony wall on the opposite side of the stairs won't follow the stair slope. Not shown in the screenshot, I would like to be able to see the stair railing in my second floor plan, as it is a two-story tall ceiling but if I draw a railing on the upper floor plan, it adds another rail the shoots out from the second floor horizontally. Screenshot of my issues is attached as well as a plan that is still very rough / in progress. TIA stair rail issue.plan