Floating Wall Trying To Make Steps Into Garage


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I'm relatively new with Chief Architect and have been learning as I go.  Recently I've encountered a problem with my stairs leading to a floating doorway for lack of a better term.  I'm not sure where I went wrong and would appreciate any input.


I have 2 sets of steps on this project and the first set worked quite well.  The second set which is meant to connect the garage to the basement I'm having trouble with.  I'm not sure if the problem is the steps themselves, the foundation of the garage or a combination of the both.  I've attached two images below, maybe somebody else can tell where I've gone wrong.





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I changed the garage floor to -4 as we are required for safety to have a lower garage floor (gas fumes I think)

I lowered the stair floor -4, & changed the stair to Auto adjust height so both flights to the landing have the same tread rise & it adjusted to the new floor height.


Then in camera view from garage I selected the wall & pulled it down to the floor.

Not sure why it did not adjust by itself.

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