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I have to believe this has been asked/answered before but I can't seem to find it. Feel free to direct me to a post if it's easier.

Question - how to create a shelf in the foundation so that the floor framing sits on the shelf inside.  I know there's a video from X1 about placing the framing entirely inside the foundation w/ the wall sitting directly on the foundation.  I'm looking for a shelf solution.





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Are you needing this for a 2D detail (if so just draw it in 2D using existing 2D tools)


If you require this to be fully 3D (why you would need it fully 3D, I cannot imagine) then it is a bit more work to do, manually adjusting the stem walls and framing.


I do that in 2D on orders from an Engineer all the time. I have never been required to do such a detail in 3D or isometrically but that would just be a few more steps to do.



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This is what I call a reverse brick ledge. Do what Perry says: pony wall with upper wall lowered the depth of your floor framing+sheathing+sill.

Open DEFAULT SETTINGS>FOUNDATION and set the Treated Sill Plate width to the width of the top wall (if you want them to match).

Select all the walls and open WALL SPECIFICATION>STRUCTURE and check Platform Intersections>Hang Floor Above on Wall.


Build the floor framing and cut a section; with auto-detail you get this:




For some reason CA never builds the ledge plate - you'll have to draw that in yourself.


The disadvantage to using this technique is in plan view. If you set the pony wall to display the lower wall, which makes sense for plan view, interior partitions are shown drawn to the upper wall. I've never found a way around this:




If someone else can resolve this issue, it would be great.

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You can add an invisible layer to your upper wall definition to stop it at the lower wall.

Doesn't work for me:




...though in X6 you can always use the wall intersection tool to manually clean it up:




...which I should have thought of before.

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Did you also change the main layer of that wall to the invisible layer


Then the floor framing won't build through to the ledge. I've tried messing around with all the main layer and the settings, but can't make it work. If you can, please post the plan so I can examine your settings.

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