Import dwg, not possible


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It sounds like it's not completing the import process. 
Is it waiting for some input from you?
Do you get through all the various dialogue boxes that pop up in the import process asking what layers you want things to go on etc.?

How big is the drawing file? 

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It's on my laptop, my desktop is fine.

The dialog box doesn't come up.

All other imports work except when I go to import dwg.

Good idea matty. I tried what you suggested though it locks up the same CA freezes

I opened x11 and works fine. Very strange.

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Check task manager to see if it really is locked up.  Possibly the file was last open on your desktop and the DBX is remembering a position on an external monitor that will not show on your laptop ?   It has to be something really goofy like that.  My forum feed went totally black the other day...  Strange things do happen.

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I am using X11 and have been having the same issue.  The dialog box does not even open to allow me to  select a .dwg file to import. I have to hit the "esc" key to get out of the weird mode it gets in, basically locks up all of the menus etc.

Any suggestions appreciated as I never had this problem in previous versions of Chief. 


ok... so I found the problem.  You will need to reset the dialog boxes to factory settings.

go to  Preferences->reset options->reset dialog boxes->reset dialog sizes



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solution found
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