What layers, layersets, and anno sets can be deleted from Premier


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I'm on interiors and will either be upgrading my second license from 5 to 6 or upgrading my primary from 6 interiors to 6 premier at the moment I can only afford to do one of those.  I'm pretty sure that view to CAD, annosets and project browser will help productivity and a few other little niggling things that don't work in Interiors

OTOH it may be better for me to upgrade the second seat so I can give work back to my temp assistant.


If I go to premier I'd like to be able to have templates with layersets better suited to what I do without the extranious stuff to scroll through.

Was just working on a plan generated in premier and there are quite a few layers, and layersets that I will never use. It appears that many of the layersets are tied to anno sets. Since I'm on interiors I have no access to the anno sets so can't alter them to see if I can get rid of the layersets. I use a half dozen custom layersets as it is besides any that send to layout end up creating when I'm not paying attention.


So the question: is there a way to get rid of these layersets once I have access to annosets?

Layersets I'd like to dump that I haven't been able to are: HVAC, Plot, Roof,TrussDetail, Wall Detail, Framing

Layers are less important but would love to get rid of some.

Thanks will help me evaluate what is best for now since can't afford to do both right now.

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Layers, I don't know. There may be a hack somewhere to lose them from the profile plan but I don't know. You an lose all of those Layersets by going into the defaults and changing them from being a part of the defaults. Look at the defaults for Layersets and you will see the connection. First you must delete the Annosets and then you can delete the associated Layersets. I just did a test and got down to three Annosets and about the same number of Layersets.


Bear in mind, if you import something or copy something  or grab something out of the library it may have been assembled with other associations so they will ride with the new object.

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Helpful- might take me a month to get up to speed (not the sharpest here)  but at that rate pays for itself in a month-add the times I don't have to export to TurboCad or screw around with moving/copying cad lines  to dimension openings of cabinets...


Just have to make sure I don't lock a file into X6 that is supposed to go back to assistant (already did one) or shuffle the program  till we can afford to update the other.

Thanks, really food for thought (I've wanted to do this since about 2 months after I got CA in x3- just have to sell that to the CFO over the update :) Guess I gotta go watch videos and take Lews advice.

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I have no scientific evidence to support this but I would venture to guess that for every week (40 hours) of production drawing with Anno sets (properly set up in your base file) you can save at least 4 hours.

Actually Alan,  I did do a controlled scientifice evaluation of the value of anno sets and you are almost correct,  I found they save 4.3 hours/40 hours of work  (minus the time I spend on this site learning new tricks).

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Follow up, downloaded trial last night. When asked what I will use it for on form-kitchens/interiors. Install and there are zero extra layer sets and only one anno set. So can build my own.

Being a mere mortal hope I could save 2 hrs a week. ;)

View to cad is disabled on trial- is it safe to assume once converted dimensions could now be shaped to drawer heads, cabinet doors, openings, molding in section?

If cabinet side panels were included in "make same" that would save me 4 hours a week.

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disabled in all views -can click on it in plan, elevation, section -which is where I need it but get a dbx says to go to the store...


I remember this now- I'd first started to consider CA at old job (with 6 seats needed) prior to the x series- 8,9?  tried it out a few times- inability to try this feature and or get solid answers from sales kept me away till x3, was on my own, and totally fed up with 2020/Envisioneer- still got it wrong when I pulled the trigger. I'll go pester someobody when I can find time, will work it out.


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I don't know what you are trying to do Mark.  If you are trying to figure out if you can do something once you have cut to cad,  describe to me what you would do if you could,  and i will do a quick  (quick is relative) video for you if it will help you with your decision.

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Scott your so generous-(we are not worthy:) I only need an answer no need for you to go to all the trouble-


If I use "CAD detail from view" can I snap dimensions to the edges of cabinet doors, drawers, or openings on a cabinet?

Can I snap to the edge of a molding profile in a backclipped section?


Cheif will not do that now so I have to "export" to CAD and go dimenion there, print that to pdf, assemble and/or cut into a PDF of layout drawings from CA with Bluebeam. I'd like to avoid all the runaround.

Anything else I want it to do is just gravy- that alone ...I end up doing on 75% of my projects.


Anyway- will that work? Or are there some other dumb snap restrictions even when converted to CAD?

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 in black and white view I did the cut to cad and ran strings of dimensions took 5 seconds.  It pick up all cad lines as expected.


in coloured view I did wall elevation,  blue dimensions are the auto cabinet dimensions,  took 0.0025 seconds.  The red dimensions are my string dimensions,  took 3.5 seconds.


Hopefully that answers your question.


As a side note,  I would never cut to cad,  to pick up the tops or bottom of doors,  I would simply  put in cad lines,  run a string and I would have the dimensions I wanted,  in my mind that is much much better and more controllable than cutting to cad.  My kitchens change all the time,  I want the elevations to be live.  But you probably already knew that.



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Your a prince Scott- thanks that's what I needed.

I hear you (I pay attention here) and know going to CAD is not ideal- I often use cad lines to snap to as you suggest.

While in design it can be helpful so I know I have doors and drawers in the right place with that #$%^& dbx but gets very time consuming if I have 6 or so in a kitchen that are not all the same. But it is not always needed while in desing but...


I have to do this for final drawings sent to the factory often, so no more changes happening sometimes half a dozen of these.

Sometimes -like today to clarify something with a tech by email- being able to  grab a cabinet- throw it in another room, elevaation,  make a few changes and pull a number or two- you get the idea.

grabbed one example in edit...

If I was close I'd bake you a pie.


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