unable to install hasp 2.17 dongle for chief 10


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I have had to reinstall chief 10 on another computer and am unable to get a driver for the Hasp 2.17 dongle and therefore can't use the program.  Is there a new dongle?  Please help!  I'm using win 10 pro.  All of the video's run just fine.

thank you

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I was able to get my version 10 dongle to install on my laptop but could never get it to install on my desktop (both running Windows 10 pro).  I'm not sure what the voodoo magic was but I suspect it was the sequence of installation.  You could try to restore your computer to pre-version 10 installation and try to install the dongle first, the version 10.

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sorry, but no new dongle


ver 10 is 12 versions ago ...


also don't forget to install the ver 10.08a or .08b update


your best bet is to buy an older PC to run Chief on


or buy a newer version of Chief - maybe HD PRO that runs on Win 10


if you check Ebay you can find older versions of Chief - I would recommend X4 or later

be sure to verify with CA that it is a valid license before buying

if the seller is honest they will cooperate



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My solution is to dual boot Windows XP x32 and Windows 10 x64 on separate hard drives. When I need to use antique software like Chief versions 7-10, I boot into XP where they were natively created to run, including their dongles. I have never tried to install antique software in Windows 10.



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November 2020


This is an old thread but maybe this will help someone.



Had a hard drive crash and had to reinstall Chief Ver 10.0 in a fresh install of Windows 10, latest version 1004 with all current updates through November 2020. Yes Chief Architect Version 10/10.08 still works and I am too cheap and hardly use it enough to justify any upgrade. After installing version 10.0 from my saved installation files, Windows 10 would not allow me to open the Chief Architect program as the User Account Control (UAC) security stopped the program from opening. I had to go into Registry Edit and turn UAC off (note many online articles as how to do this and turn it on and off). After the install of Chief Architect 10.0, the program could not find the HASP key. Took a while but I found the following to get new hasp key drivers. I suggest deleting all old Hasp Key drivers (mine were Aladin files/drivers) prior to installing the new downloaded files/drivers (which will be Sentinel). Once I got the Hasp Key recognized I updated to 10.08 and Chief 10.08 works as normal..


Go to step 3 for the file to download the drivers. Please uninstall any old drivers first. You may need to insert the hasp key for the files/drivers to show in Control Panel/Device Manager/USB controllers to uninstall them.


1.  Went to site: Thales Customer Support Portal at: https://supportportal.gemalto.com/csm/?id=portal_home_page
then using their search look for the following: hasp driver chief architect

2.  That search will lead to the following page:

https://supportportal.gemalto.com/csm/?id=kb_search&q=hasp drivers chief architect

where you will look for: Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-Time-Installer 8.13

3.  This is the download site for the driver:  


There no spaces in this address. This thread would not allow word wrap for the long string.




The following is the file description needed:

Sentinel® LDK and Sentinel HASP® Run-time Environment Installer GUI for Windows
Refer to the Readme file included in the package for details.
MD5 (Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_setup.zip) = 2b9a4dc20e6acc32cc9e4636b1d5eafa

Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-Time-installer 8.13 after being installed and then checking Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus controllers shows:

Sentinel USB Key
Sentinel HL Key
Sentinel USB Key

all three show the driver version is actually with a date of 03/29/2019


Hope this helps.

Bob Schroeder

Sarasota, FL


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