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  1. I just went through this when I upgraded to another laptop. Do you still have this issue? Does your hardware lock look like the attached?
  2. I just had this happen to me. I followed the instructions on this you tube video and it worked for me.
  3. Joe, Attached is the format that I use for Electric Service Panels. It is a Word document. Bob Medvetz Service Panel Example.pdf
  4. Google the following for Aladdin driver information "aladdin hasp driver windows 10" It will give you some links to check out.
  5. I checked the Ver 10 Hasp driver on my system (Win10 64bit) and the driver is provided by Safenet. Google the following:"safenet sentinel" and it comes up with sites for driver updates.
  6. I run Version 10 on Windows 10. I downloaded the Version 10 update (10.08b). Go to the site for the site information on the Hasp Drivers.
  7. I noticed that the format appears different on Internet Explorer versus Edge. Any reason for this or is your vendor not supporting Internet Explorer?
  8. Have you reviewed the following? I am running ver 10 on my desktop with Windows 10 with no issues.
  9. Does your version use the hardware lock?
  10. Does your version use the hardware lock?
  11. A hardware lock plugs into a USB port. It allows one to use the software without an Internet connection. It sounds like you do not have it. Thanks for checking.
  12. Does your version of X9 have the hardware lock?
  13. I have read several threads stating that a hardware lock will not be offered for X10. I request that a hardware lock be offered for X10. I have worked in areas with no Internet access. Thank you, Bob Medvetz
  14. I recommend contacting tech support as this may be a bug or an oversight.
  15. Ryan, Consider the following: Increase interior room entry doors to 36" for aging in place considerations. Grab bars in the bathrooms for the above reason. Put the blocking in the framing now if you do not want the bars now. Use bifold closet doors instead of pocket doors. This will allow you to access the closets with a wider door(s). A pantry for the kitchen. Where do you plan to store your groceries? Also, consider sustainment costs such as utilities, maintenance, etc. A well designed energy efficient home that has low heating and cooling costs will save you money in the long term. Geo thermal and/or solar help in this arena. The building exterior materials that you use also affect your long term costs. Do you want to paint your home every x years or would you like something that does not require this effort. Bob
  16. I have Chief Ver 10 running on Win 10. You will have to install the Ver 10 update from the Chief site after installing Ver 10 on a Win 10 machine. In addition, if you are using a hardware lock (HASP), you may have to update the driver for that if Win 10 did not automatically do that.
  17. Joy, 64 bit may be the problem. Have you downloaded the Vista update to Ver 10? Here is the link to it. You will also have to update the Hardware lock too.
  18. I am running Ver 10 on Windows 7 and Win 10 with no problems. Both are 32 bit versions of the OS.
  19. Parallel port. Used to be for printers back in the day.