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So I have this house I'm working on that should have been a straight forward 2 story with daylight basement.  But for some reason, they want to put a crawl space under the "basement" floor. It's on a slope, and I personally would have just built it into the foundation.  So here is the situation.... I changed the foundation floor plan to floor 1, the 1st floor to floor 2, and the bonus room over the garage to floor 3.  Then I built a new basement under floor 1 with standard foundation heights.  Then changed floor 1 walls to 8" concrete walls for the retained underground walls.  The weird part is that the garage is technically floor 2 and I have nothing on floor 1 for the garage, and the foundation for the garage is on the foundation level. So I changed the heights the best I could to bring the foundation up, but I'm not getting cutouts for the garage doors.  Is there a better way to address this situation? oh, and I attached the x9 plan file, its pretty haggard but it should open lol


Thanks in advance,




Floor 1.pdf

Floor 2.pdf

Floor 3.pdf




Eagle View Terrace.plan

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Yes, technically the front of floor 1 is underground, and floor 2 (the main level) has the garage.  But it seems by doing it this way nothing seems to connect floor 0 and floor 2 as far as the garage goes.  I just raised the floor 0 elevation to meet the floor 2 garage.  Sorry, I'm having a difficult time trying to explain my concern. Is this how you would handle this circumstance? In other words, Floor 0 to carry the garage foundation Floor 1 for the daylight part of the house no garage, and then Floor 2 for the garage. Sorry in advance lol

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10 hours ago, solver said:

That's what I did. Not sure it's the best approach.



That's how I would do it.  AND I would show the garage foundation on the foundation level.  You won't get the door cutouts but you can show them with CAD.

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there are two schools for approach 


1. combine foundation and basement on floor 0 

    this has been the "traditional" method from CA since the beginning


2. others dedicate floor 0 to the foundation and floor1 to the basement and floor 2 to the main level


either approach is appropriate


I'm guessing - as this is NOT my forte - by maybe the garage should be on floor 0 

so it connects to the foundation on floor 0, while the basement on floor 1 also connects to the foundation

then floor 2 sits on the basement ?


place terrain on floor 1 then adjust as needed ?



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