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Sent this article on Tuesday and no responses, what's up.


Having an Issue regarding creating a transparent background to 3D images.


Checked all settings relating the background and white is the setting which is required.

Checked the most detailed tutorial and this relates only to inserting pictorials.

As soon as I Ray Trace, the grey background emerges which then prints with the image. 

The same is pertinent to shadows, these are shown and not required as they distort detail in the picture.


See pic attached with grey background & shadows, something is amiss which I don't understand.  


Regards NeilofOZ.

Untitled 1.jpg

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See attached captured settings available to me using PBR and there is no facilitiy for checking a "Transparent Background",

whether it be in the camera settings and or exporting of image.


There are boxes checked for Camera Exposure and Camera Settings, but are not available to uncheck, so I don't know if 

this is the problem, no facility in Defaults to change these. 


Regards Neil.


PBR Capture 1..JPG

PBR Capture 2..JPG

PBR Capture 3.JPG

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Neil,  Are you still trying to achieve a transparent background for a Ray Trace ?  Not sure that is an option.


If you follow the instructions that Eric and Mick have provided you should be able to achieve this in a Standard or PBR view.


For me selecting a Transparent Background automatically defaults to .png formatting.

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OK,  Pics were ray traced in both PBR and SR formats and have saved as PNG, BMP & JPG, all carried the grey backgrounds.


Am using my laptop at the moment while away from the office, but i don't think this would make any difference as these issues 

were the same on my desktop.


Regards Neil.

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18 minutes ago, NeilofOZ said:

Pics were ray traced


There is the problem right there.   I think what you are trying to achieve is only a feature request at this point.


The best you might be able to do at this point is crop in Photoshop or try to get the lighting and color balance to produce a white background for printing on white paper.


Or go with a straight (non Ray Traced) Standard View or PBR.

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Solved the problem, but not the desired result.


It's obvious now that the problem is in Ray Tracing, because if I export straight from the screen image, then the option 

is there to delete the Background and to me this defies logic as one can't use all of the software's capabilities to deliver

the best possible image, am I correct here.


Regards to All, Neil.      

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Paint.Net is also free if you download it direct instead of from Windows Store, I haven't used it a lot yet but is seems a little more User Friendly than Gimp to me...


download it here







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