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I took online training in the beginning, twice and had everyone who worked for me take one. None of those were the intermediate. I still get to live demos whenever I can, and helped a little for a day twice. Last year I went to the academy and was torn between going to the intermediate or the advanced since there are things in both that would help (settled on advanced) Even thought about going back this year but looks like I'm computer shopping int he fall so another time. I always get something out of them.


I'd expect the online course plan is very similar to the live one-thorough and methodical. They do start with some basics which can appear boring or basic. That is because so many people have don't have some of the basics down and they are the foundation. I have one client who took the class and pretty much ignored the beginning and then complained she didn't get enough out of it- hence they still don't get the basics. I think they do a good job and it doesn't matter who is doing the training IMO. Not much if any in the way of work arounds is covered which is just fine-you have to know the rules before you break em.


Is it worth it? I'm a fan of the in house training. How long have you been at it? ever had any formal training? what do you hope to get out of it?

Since you are asking at all it might be worthwhile. Just don't expect miracles and pay close attention to what you think you already know.

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Best bang for the buck is online training with one of the gurus on this forum. 

If you are already somewhat proficient with the basics, that is, you’ve already completed your first project. 

The guys on this forum are in your shoes, they see things from your perspective and have had to come up with work arounds for the several Chief quirks. Quirks that a Chief trainer won’t really mention. This is the one problem I have with Chief training videos in general, and that is everything always goes according to pun intended. 


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I have been using the software always in the highest version I can get since 2004. I think it was version 4.0 back then (not real sure) but I remember that they had just dropped "Broderbund" like the year before at the time.

I have never had any formal training and don't mind going thought the basics even if it seems slow because even though I have done all my plans on it over the years I feel like I'm missing a lot of the basics that could be holding me back from being better. I have all my annotation sets in good order and I try to keep my plan fully live when it goes to layout.

I still get confused by some things that should be very basic. I'm not totally settled with my system of construction documents and cad details. I typically just copy and pasted general notes from the city I'm working in and really don't have my own setup. Trying to get a better layout template setup. Also need to learn more about relinking plan to layout. I know enough to get by but I'm tiered of just getting by and have plans that aren't consistent. I have also been trying to get better at finishes and need to learn how to do presentation walk through and around.

Here are some renderings I did of a wine cellar with outdoor patio themed with wine paraphernalia that I recently did to give you an Idea of what I can do.

Also and ranch style house with guest house and garage



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Give them a call and tell them where you're at, which sounds like a mixed bag. Might consider one on one instead which Chief also offers or you could sort through forum users. They DO btw have at least one trainer who is/was a builder and produces plans for others. From what I can tell he's been around since day 1. 

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