Foundation NOT generating like in this video at 1:30


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I think I fudged it by changing the stem wall height to 24" and the basement in the rest of the house to 9'.

I cannot make head or tails of these diagrams. For one, the text entry box has alphabetics A through I...let's say. But the diagram only shows just two or three of these. In order to comprehend what's going for people with no architectural knowledge, why not do diagrams with ALL the alphabetics? Or put text on the diagram if you'r not going to put all the alphabetics. 

Ie. I may see a horizontal line and I don't know if it is a ceiling or a floor. 

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11 minutes ago, rockyshepheard said:

I don't see a setting for 'stem wall' in the default settings/foundation.



doesn't say stem wall in the Foundation DBX, just  Minimum Garage height, that is how it is referred to in the Main Wall section... but try this


image.thumb.png.012b84009e79577c0f73a40afa6bda98.png  = image.thumb.png.edd3a01cc2efed4366552fdda3509c64.png



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9 minutes ago, rockyshepheard said:

Now is that dbx for the garage or the rest of the house?


Build Foundation DBX?   = Whole house , except the Bottom section which is Garage only


3rd Pic is the Garage Room DBX ,showing you where it refers to "Stem Wall" too.

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15 minutes ago, rockyshepheard said:

Thanks! I finally saw the garage option at the bottom! 

Does the slab apply to both the stem walls and the garage options?




Not sure what you mean about the Slab and Stem Walls  , the Slab is only the Floor not the Walls...and will only be in the Garage if you have a Framed Floor Structure in the rest of the house...


typically I would spec 6" for a garage Slab though....


PS.  head height is low under the house , minimum should be 96 1/2 "



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