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  1. Is there a way to modify the railing on a deck...spacing, height, shape, etc. When I click on the room I don't see "railing" listed. ROGER CHANGES 02.plan
  2. It would be such a pain to create an orthographic view and a polyline molding under each roof.
  3. Oh, I did post it but in an edit. I guess I didn't see the save button. Sorry. So it is a bug? Thanks
  4. I don't see why my left side return does not show. I read the section in the manual and all it did was describe what switches are in the dbx. pg 828. The wall is symmetrical under two planes so you would think both planes would show a return. Thanks for assisting!
  5. I've just discovered that the specs don't even need to match in order to get ridge caps. Maybe the best method should be get them close as you can in the plan and the specs dbx then...use "Join Roof Planes". I wold prefer not using join roof planes because I've noticed joining can move BOTH plan edges. I usually get one perfect in the plan and then try to move the other to the perfect one. You end up with ridge caps but your plan view is modified wrt all other planes. That is why I want to do it manually through the dbx.
  6. I wish I could see why one cannot be allowed to lock two values. It works fine for modifying a cuboid volume specifications . cuboid settings: volume 500 x 10 y 10 z 5 I can lock two out of four. If I set y to 50 and lock x at 10 and volume at 500, then my z value changes to 1. Effectively locking what I want to keep first. Is a 3D plane so much different?
  7. I would like to finally put this issue to rest. I don't wish to rely on luck to get the correct values in the fields. In my opinion, since I can have the above settings on the left, there is no law of physics that says I cannot have the same on the right. The problem is I cannot lock more than one field such that I can FORCE the software to change the field I want. I am aware that if I fiddle with it repeatedly for an hour, I will always get lucky and eventually the right values show up. I am missing a methodology to do this. see video. I apologize if it painful to watch. LOL roof attempt 019.plan Recording #9.mp4
  8. Thanks Solver et al. In summary... if you check "Roof Over Room" that creates gable wall without "Balloon Through Celling Above" being checked. RESULT: gable wall and roof over room and if you do not check "Roof Over Room", you can get gable wall by checking "Balloon Through Celling Above. RESULT: gable wall with no roof over room. I see. Thx
  9. Thanks all! Ridge Runner- I did have "auto rebuild attic roofs" on in the defaults. Chief16Designer- Checking "Ballon through ceiling above" worked! Solver-The only thing I see is the window is lower in the Z direction. see attached.
  10. I have a wall and a nice gable roof. I hear CA abhors a vacuum and readily fills the space with wall up to the roof. For some reason (user error), this wall is happy to remain at the ceiling height. Is there a most common cause of this 'wall laziness'? Thank you for any responses. Rocky
  11. Thanks, Michael. I guess my question is how is THAT possible given that the baseline height is dictated by the room height which is constant 10' and the baselines are exactly where they should be? Rocky
  12. A 10' ceiling height. baselines precisely on edge of wall. pitches same. BUT facia heights vary...How could this be possible? Thanks for helping! R roof attempt 014.plan
  13. I meant ceiling. I learned it didn't show because something was set to 0. Now it shows.
  14. One small issue... No roof showing...all layers turned on...checks by show roof VERSION 9 back deck.plan
  15. Thanks. Couldn't see button presses of how you boolean subtracted the polyline arch. Is there a function to subtract on polyline solid from another?
  16. This is the only way I've found that is the least clunky. I extended the existing 3rd floor external walls to make box for entry (open below). The top of the box is at the 3rd floor ceiling height...good...but the bottom of the box goes to floor of the 3rd floor. Now, I have to pull up the walls on all three sides. The do some kind of cut away to get arch. I wish CA had a way of using sketching planes so one could specify the height at which they do sketch, like in 3D modelers. Maybe a 3D modeling mode users could enter from CA mode. In that case I could specify a sketch plane at particular height off floor, extrude to top of 3rd floor, do boolean cut for arch and bam, I'm done. Of course, yes, it would be a trade off since you would not have all wall functionality of CA mode but that would be for user to decide.
  17. Thanks for that but I am only doing 3D representation of what an architect has drawn for a customer. I have no say in the design.
  18. I would like to do it like you did. I went to third floor, created room divider(open below type)...but there are no walls in 3D view like you have on third floor. Of course I see them in plan view. All layers are on. I don't get how you specified the height of your third floor walls. If I could actually see the walls I assume they go entire height of third floor then I need to use polyline to cut away. Can you send me this file so I could see why your walls show but mine do not? Thx
  19. Here is a passthrough with no casing. How to get rid of remaining white material?