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Is there a method that works well for making roofs that cannot all be done automatically?

I tried doing 100% manual but got confused quickly.

First floor works ok automatically but requires several edits.

Second floor is basically an A-frame  with 3 floating dormers...plopped on top of the first floor roofing.

I don't know which path is best.

1. Do 1st floor auto, fix manually, then add A-frame on top somehow.

2. Do 1st floor, add A-frame on top somehow, then go back and fix 1st floor.

3. Do A-frame first, do 1st floor, then fix 1st floor geometry

I'm sure there are more options but I've noticed a tendency of doing one thing just to have a previous thing undone. Order may be important.

I've attached plan and roof drawing for anyone's perusal.

Suggestions as to how best to learn roofing are appreciated. I've seen most of the video tutorials.




i have covered porch.plan

Mike Macon - 8.pdf

Mike Macon - 6.pdf

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Rockne, If you like, I would be happy to show you some things on roofs tomorrow, Friday, if you like online. No charge for this, just willing to help if desired. I use TeamViewer for online meetings. If you want, just type teamviewer in your search engine and it will come up. Just download the "free version". Very easy and is a secure program. The new version is TeamViewer 14. Happy to try and answer any other question you might have. Send me an email at my email address shown in my signature below or good also to contact me on my cell 832-754-6160. Happy Thanksgiving.

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23 hours ago, glennw said:


4. Do it all automatically (maybe)

Why don't you post the plan ( a proper one, not a pdf) and I will see how far I can go automatically. 


The Plan File is the 1st Download Glen , ( i have covered porch.plan) but when you 1st open it the Plan is covered with a PDF image you need to move or delete 1st. (All On Layerset Set is being used)


100% Auto maybe tough but it looks like you need to ignore the 2nd floor when you Build the roof and it will require a two pitch roof off the RH Porch and the Front Porch as well but with the Dutch gable setting , then worry about the Dormers once the house is complete. May even be wise to disconnect the Garage at 1st and let Auto build do it's thing, as the garage is done easily manually if needed.


*** there are issues with the RH Porch which need fixing 1st, so the roof builds correctly , ie the porch floor is 12" above grade and the Porch next to the garage is missing. The Garage is not defined as a garage Either...







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This roof can be build either fully automatically, manual or combo.


I like automated, that way it could be regenerated at any time.


First look at the (6) file reveal you have dutch gable left and right elevation joined with gable roof over the garage.


The Plan should

0) Move Pdf to some other layer and hide that layer. Lock rooms.

1) Drop garage height temporary -20", build baseline polylines (2) will be generated because of two different heights, raise garage structure +20", fix baseline polyline height +20"

2) Next pull house baseline polyline where it is meeting with the garage back even with the other side. [Baseline polylines can easily be selected on the outside wall, outside layer]

3) Mark left and right sides as dutch gable set offset at 108" 

4) Work your way around the house pulling and pushing polylines and setting the correct conditions.

No more than 10 minutes total/

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I helped him for a while this morning online with his roof and dormers. Got most of it done but are definitely some plan issues that could be fixed. Don't know if he wants me to help clean up more of it. He's only had the program for a few weeks so you know there is going to be some issues.

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