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Hi Jim,

What you are seeing is the default sun shining from the right of screen. Your shadows are turned off in the camera you used.

Try using the Cad line tool, north pointer, and sun angle in plan view. Then rotate the north arrow to move the sun position. 


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1. Go to Floor 0, select this wall, and activate the Edit Wall Layer Intersections tool:



2. Notice the control handle at the end of the wall:



3. Right-click on the control handle, hold the mouse button down, and drag the control handle up until the wall layers intersect at a 45-degree angle:



4: Exit the tool and enjoy the result:


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Nice solution Robert. I would also look at the wall definition and add a layer of siding instead of 'painting' the foundation wall with the siding material. When you painted the wall that turned the entire concrete stem wall in to that material and it wraps around as you have shown. If you add a thin layer of siding material it will interact with the other wall in the way you want it to. Of course you would never build that wall in either fashion. If it really is a concrete stem wall then you most likely have furring strips or something to accommodate the siding but to get the look correct that thin layer of siding will make it much easier.


In the long run nothing good ever comes from painting wall materials, instead of changing the wall definition in the wall dbx. You can tell the wall was painted by looking in the dbx attached under exterior materials>exterior wall surface. That material wraps around the entire concrete stem wall, causing your problem. Adding that thin layer in the other dbx solves it..


Your interior wall has also been painted. Add another layer for that material and it will behave much better. Best of all build the wall with all the layers that would actually be there during construction. Takes more time but will leave the model with a more accurate model for future ConDocs.


lap siding.png

lap siding 2.png

lap siding 3.png

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