Tips for moving a house arount the terrian


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The clients want to come by & have an interactive session to place the house & barn on a 5-acre plot.

The plot was a cow pasture so no trees so I can't see what they expect. But humor them I was going to try.

So I was going to copy the two plan files, strip out what I could, electrical .framing & any internals walls not needed.

Hoping to get the house and barn so I could move them without too much lag.


Any suggestions for this task?



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Yes leave the house alone and move the terrain.  Especially important if the client decides on exactly where they want the house located and then says  " how about if we rotate it 18 deg to the West " 

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1 hour ago, Alaskan_Son said:

I would probably consider Just making 2 symbols and just moving the symbols around.  After they leave you can mess with moving the terrain in the actual plan file (if necessary).  


Yep,  best solution.

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Separate symbols for the Terrain and Structure imported into a new plan file.  Or as I originally suggested you can make a simplified layerset where the terrain and it's features can be marquee selected and moved and the visible structure layers are locked.

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Yep, two symbols is the way I would do it


three plans needed - one for house, one for barn, one for terrain


create house and barn as 3D symbols using MENU - TOOLS - SYMBOL - CREATE SYMBOL

strip house and barn to minimum via layers first - then create 3D view using "Persepective Full Overview" camera

save symbols in the library


place the symbols as needed in the terrain plan


while some users prefer later to have everything in one plan

I prefer keeping the separate plans - gives freedom for doing roofs without affecting the other building

and framing and ....



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