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I have a request from the builder to print the "Change Notes" and clouds in RED color.

Typically I print in B&W. If you change the print/plot to color then all items are in color.

I made a layer set for this request "Floor plan Color" & made all but one layer black.

So changing the revisions to the red layer it is close but the wall fills are showing up in color (normally no print for wall fill).

Is there a better approach?  I will need to change every layout box on the sheet & if they have another layer set that will need to be copied & modified.


In AutoCAD the layers have a plot setting separate from the color setting & you can set it to plot black so you see objects in color while you are working but plot in black.

I don't see a way to do that with Chief.





CA Color.JPG

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That sounds like the perfect situation to just print 2 separate PDF's and then combine them as layers in Acrobat or another advanced pdf handler.


Or even just add the revision clouds and notes with the free version of Reader.

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Thanks for the suggestions.
While I use Foxit Phantom PDF Pro putting the notes in the PDF is doable but not an advantage.
The next round of corrections means the old notes turn black & the new notes turn red.

Simply changing the plot setting for the selected objects in Chief is what I wanted to do.
Then I can set the red back to Black & the next iteration of the plan new notes would be red.


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Make a new layer SET.  Define all the layers of this new layer set to be black or gray.  Put the new notes on a new layer that is in color.  This will work if your exiting plan, objects etc. are set to default.  When everything is set to default, it looks to the layers sets definition.  You may have to manually change a few stragglers.

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14 hours ago, ACADuser said:

While I use Foxit Phantom PDF Pro putting the notes in the PDF is doable but

I think Chopsaw meant to combine two pdfs in a layered PDF and not add the notes in PDF, and Michael's solution sounds good.


In any case I'd take a look at actually adding the notes in Foxit.

I'm guessing that at this point Phantom has capabilities like what I use (I switched from Foxit to Bluebeam in 2010 so not sure what they have added).

IF so then I'd : add new markups (callouts, notes, etc) to a layer in color; then flatten. When new notes are needed then: unflatten, select the original notes (by layer, type, date, in sidebar, lasso; whatever is easiest...), change color. Add new notes/revision clouds/etc with defaults set to red, flatten. BB will also track all notations by user and date, maybe Foxit does too.

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