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Interesting idea,

How does it work in practical application.

Meaning how do you set the metal roofing and flashing so that it lays under the comp above?


Step down the framing 1 1/2" or so?

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12 hours ago, RL-inc said:

Interesting idea,

How does it work in practical application.

Meaning how do you set the metal roofing and flashing so that it lays under the comp above?


Step down the framing 1 1/2" or so?

It appears they have hammered over the tops of the standing seam to fit under the shingles. I wonder if that is in the "manufacturer's suggested installation method?" :wacko:

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That is exactly how it is done. The roofer crimps the standing seam over and flashes it under the first course of shingles. It allows the snow to slide off the lower half of the roof and helps prevent ice dams for cooler climates. Not the mention the copper oxidation looks great after awhile. I decided use a call out & detail, I tried to make it happen in Chief but ran into other problems.


Thanks tho!



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Austin,  I gave Ray's Idea a try and no luck with the material regions but if you create and extra file you could do a pretty good job of a illustration with the manual roof planes and switching the roofing material and then just add a molding for the seams.  Oh and find a better material than the one Chief provides.

Copper Valley and Flashing.jpg

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One way to do this is to go to the wall specification dbx...Roof panel.

Check Upper Pitch and make it a fraction different from the default.

Have a play and see how close you can get the 2 pitches before Chief makes them a single plane.

I could easily get them to be within 0.1deg, which isn't noticeable.

Set the Starts At.

Auto build the roofs.

Once you have the 2 roof planes you can apply different materials to each plane.

I did this one in about 3 minutes.

New Image_74.jpg

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