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  1. Hey all, I am wondering if anyone has a solution/work around for adjusting the interior sill height on windows? As far as I can tell, Chief automatically sets the top of sill to the bottom of the jamb... I can make the window jamb width zero, and it places the sill where I need it, but opens up another can of worms. I have been trimming out windows in elevation with polysolids to make things accurate but it's a big time suck. Anything helps, and thank you in advance.
  2. Hey all, Does a "stair cuts wall at bottom" function exist? X10. I would like a filler wall on this stairway (see red in attachment) Thanks in advance, Austin
  3. Hey all, Wondering if there is a way thicken the sill plate default from 1-1/2" to 3"? I am drawing some existing conditions and trying to mimic the attached detail. I will then manually split the two sill plates into the correct locations and sizes. Thanks in advance, Austin
  4. Hey All, Is there any way to include the jamb width in a door schedule? For example... Door Unit is a Marvin Clad Ultimate CUFD 3070 S LHIS Door Frame Size: 37 7/16" x 86" Door Jamb Size: 1 3/16" Door schedule shows the width as 35-1/16...**37-7/16" - (1-3/16 x 2)** and I want it to show 37-7/16 Is there a macro I can edit to act more like the widow schedule preforms? Thanks is advance, Austin
  5. Hello all, Is there an easy way to separate interior and exterior doors into two different schedules? Thank you in advance, Austin
  6. Hi all, Going for a more modern baseboard and door trim detail. I am wondering how to best accomplish this in Chief (see photo attached). The base board wants to be flush with the drywall plane with a 1/2" reglet reveal above. The door trim will match, and the windows have drywall returns. Has anyone ever made this happen using chief? Thank you in advance, Austin
  7. Hey all, I am wondering if there is a relatively easy way to overlay a model on an image with the correct perspective lines in Chief. I know Sketchup has a photo-match feature that allows for this sort of thing. Can you export a chief model to a sketchup file? To people that have done this before, do you usually work most in photoshop when overlaying in Chief? Thank you in advance, Austin
  8. Larry, I found it on this site and messed around with the X Y scaling a bit. https://www.swtexture.com/2013/04/slate-crazy-tiles.html
  9. Thank you David, I think I can make one of those work. Austin
  10. Anyone have a good fill pattern for a flagstone patio? I have found a good texture for 3D rendering, however nothing good for plan view. Thank you in advance, Austin
  11. Hi all, Wondering if there is a way to set a benchmark elevation to "0"? I recently finished up a set of condocs and today the client wanted to change the basement stem wall from 9' to 12'. Instead of adjusting each room from the basement up, I would rather drop the basement down to account for the extra 3' and then reset that -3' floor change to the "0" benchmark. This would help in story pole dimensions and setting heights of all sorts of imported Sketchup pieces. Thanks in advance, Austin
  12. Hi All, Not necessarily a software related question, more of a detail question. I am designing a pool house with a large roof overhang. The client would like to expose the steel I-beams being used to support the rafters. Wondering if any of you have details you are willing to share of I-beam to rafter connections? How to properly flash wall above steel? Run the SPF top plate thru and bolt to the beam? Anything is appreciated. Cheers, Austin
  13. thanks all! always appreciated!
  14. Good morning! Wondering if anyone has accomplished this detail in Chief and if so, how? Specifically wondering how to step the ledge on a foundation wall 7" to allow space of a 4" slab and 3" XPS. Any good videos out there? Thanks for your time! Austin
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    That is exactly how it is done. The roofer crimps the standing seam over and flashes it under the first course of shingles. It allows the snow to slide off the lower half of the roof and helps prevent ice dams for cooler climates. Not the mention the copper oxidation looks great after awhile. I decided use a call out & detail, I tried to make it happen in Chief but ran into other problems. Thanks tho! Austin
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    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has recommendations on achieving a metal snowbelt? Something like the attached photo. Thanks! Austin
  17. Thanks for the response Eric, I guess what I am really having a hard time with is the gable end of the porch roof and how to get it to fill in completely (see attached photo). I will have to manually manipulate the rafters after I get them as close as I can with Auto-roofs, which is a pain, but it is what it is.
  18. Per usual, I am having trouble getting things to work with manual roofs. Trying to accomplish something like the attached picture and can't quite make it happen. Is there a way to trim rafter tails, like you can with trusses using a truss base? Wondering what you recommend for this kind of overlay. I have attached a quick detail to help portray what I am going for. Thanks in advance for the help, Austin
  19. Yes Eric, that is similar to where I am heading. Probably going to go with separate details and callouts (as Robert suggested). Easier to manipulate and keeps the plan clean. Thanks all!
  20. Hi all, Looking for some wall definition advice. Wondering how you show vertical strapping in your wall detail? Do you leave an air space and just callout vertical strapping with polylines? Make it a framing layer and modify manually? It is for an open joint siding application and strapping is supposed to align with studs. Thanks! Austin
  21. Thanks Eric, Looks like this is the best work around.... or.... time to upgrade haha
  22. Yes that is correct, you see this style roof return often in New England. Chief offers either a boxed eave return or a sloped soffit. I am trying to use a flat soffit under the eave of the roof (which is acquired with a "boxed eave" checked) and a sloped soffit on the roof rake (with is acquired with "boxed eave" unchecked). Attached is another photo.
  23. Hey all, Was there ever a preferred technique found to accomplish the "Reduced Pork Chop" look? (see attached picture) I have read that two roof planes does the trick, but I can't seem to figure out how to make the wall look appropriate where the soffit transfers from sloped to flat. Do you use a polysolid to fill in the space? Whats the secret?! Has someone made a video on this that I can't seem to find? Thanks Austin
  24. Hey All, Designing a cape style home with two shed dormers on either side of the roof. I would like to truss over the shed dormers, garage and mudroom/bath connection. Stick frame the rest (gable ends of main roof). I CANT figure out the truss and rafter combination on the main roof. I haven't used trusses much in construction, therefore, I haven't in chief either. Thanks and if you have some time take a stab at it. Austin Percy Plan - September 6, 2016.plan