how to wall framing details


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5 hours ago, chiefmodify said:

how do I create plans of all the walls like the pic included... 




Too expand on what Joe said ....Click the Wall >look on the Edit Tool Bar for the Wall Details Icon to see that wall or on the Project Browser Look under Wall Details after Framing your Walls (Build>Framing> select desired Tab eg Wall ,Roof etc)




Also, it's good to have your Forum Signature filled in please, especially with the Software Version,
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27 minutes ago, GeneDavis said:

And be prepared to dimension and annotate them yourself.


This kinda depends on what you're after.  Its actually really quite easy to automate this to a certain extent using some very simple text macros...


...actually it can be as easy as group selecting a few framing members and just putting the %length% macro in the label. I know, its not the most elegant, but its all some people really need. 

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