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Any One With Suggestions:


I just started working for a construction company, I am the drafter/estimator. I have never used Chief Architect before. Any tips or suggestions would be a great help. I am watching the tutorials. I have drawn a floor plan so far. From the tutorials I see there are a lot options and possibilities. I will start with something simple. Is there a way to trim a wall up to another wall? Anything anyone can help me with would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day.

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If you have a solid knowledge of constitution and structural design CA is a great tool to generate your drawings and client presentations.

Once you work your way through the training as mentioned above I think you will see that creating designs and CD's comes fairly smoothly.


That said there is always more to learn no matter how long we have been at it ;)

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Number one: Carefully read the "Users Guide" found under the "Help Menu", You do not build a structure exactly following the procedure you commonly use in the field

Number two: watch the following video series by Dan Bauman on You Tube:




There are more at YouTube but these will get you started right



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I was able to draw a floorplan up of my foundation. I did not realize that you build your foundation off of your first floor plan. That is the way that I was shown on the tutorial videos.Is there any way to make a floor plan your foundation and build up? I had drawn my basement first, It was drawn as my first floor. Is there a way to tell the software that it is my foundation?

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One simple way would be to build the foundation as a blank floor plan, then copy and paste everything from floor 1 to floor 0. Then delete everything on floor 1 and rebuild, or select all the walls and change the wall type to your chosen framed wall.

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Agreed with Eric-

This forum and it's contributors are a great resource but all of us put in a lot of time to learn this software. While we are all willing to help with certain topics of specific situations this is not an online classroom to teach CA.

That is what the videos Eric and David are for.

( your question about the relationship of 1st floor and foundation is a good example of what they will teach you.)

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