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  1. Smn842

    pan while "in" a command

    This is another reason why 3D mice are so useful as you can just pan and zoom as required with the other hand. Another lesser known benefit is even when in modal dialog boxes the currently active 2D or 3D plan window can still be moved around using a 3D mouse which can be useful if you forget to check something that's not quite in view before opening the dialog.
  2. Smn842

    How Many Users Ray Trace With Chief?

    Perhaps the pole should be 'how many would ray trace with Chief if it was way faster'? Even though I upgrade PC's regularly and try to get the best balance of overclocked core speed vs number of cores, ray trace has not appealed since we've had PBR. As I use a 3D mouse the rendering on the new PBR + Ray trace on X13 didn't look that good to me as I move a lot in 3D views. I am more interested in the consistent lighting model mentioned and hope that will fix the issues of materials looking so different in standard, pbr and ray trace modes as well as the bleed of colours from backdrops and other areas radically changing the internal views.
  3. Smn842

    Where can I find more Door/Window styles if only we could control door inset (like windows) so they can be correctly positioned. Covering up cavity gaps gets onerous as does symbol workarounds for the cases where the position is way off where it would be in practice ;-) Before anyone asks - I've submitted this several times as a suggestion which pictures so just hoping it will make an appearance one day!
  4. Smn842

    Locking Up

    Do you have the same text scaling on all monitors and what is the resolution of each? I was testing a six monitor setup recently, not for Chief, some other software I use but I wanted to make sure it wouldn't impact other software. I found mixed text scaling settings caused serious issues with Chief and not just the usual blurry font issues on some monitors when using applications that don't support mixed DPI modes, just system wide life Chief.
  5. If you use a 3DConnexion mouse in multiple versions of Chief Architect and notice it loses any custom settings/speeds when running one version then another (on Windows at least) then read on. Background (for the interested, otherwise jump to the workaround) Technically this is a bug / limitation in the way Chief registers/configures itself with the 3DConnexion software but given how few people this probably affects I've not reported it as its less important than others and importantly there is a workaround. The root cause is due to the way Chief lets the 3DConnexion driver store its settings and identifies itself with the same ID string "ChiefArchitect" for every major release. Applications have the option to create their own 3DConnexion settings file but Chief relies on the 3DConnexion software to do this for it. This means the 3DConnexion software creates a settings file for Chief based on the ID Chief provides when registering for 3D mouse events. The result is multiple versions of Chief sharing a single settings file. Although this sounds like a good approach the 3DConnexion software also stores the executable name and ensures this matches before using the settings due to another default setting. An example of the top part of the 'ChiefArchitect.xml' file which is stored in the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\Cfg folder: This file was created after using X11 and adjusting the 3D mouse settings. If another version of Chief is then used the 3DConnextion software finds the settings file that matches the name Chief provides 'ChiefArchitect' but as the exe name doesn't match it ignores the settings and uses the defaults again. If the mouse settings are updated again the 3DConnextion software over writes the old file with a new one with the applicable Chief exe name and the problem keeps repeating. Workaround From a browse of the 3DConnexion SDK there are various ways to configure the 3D mouse, but to work around the issue and share the same settings across versions (which is my preference) all that needs to be done is to add all applicable Chief exe names in "ExecutableName" elements as below, in my case just those for X11 and X12 to the "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\Cfg\ChiefArchitect.xml' file: After this the 3DConnextion software matches the 'SiOpenAppName' value and exectuable name and all is well :-) Please note there may also be other files that appears to be specific to each Chief Architect release in this folder as below but these appears to be due to using the 3D mouse before Chief registers itself. After that these files appear to be ignored and only the ChiefArchitect.xml is used.
  6. Smn842

    Monitor question

    I often run a mix of resolutions as I have a lot of monitors shared between my two main desktop PCs and I don't see that particular issue. However I do see an issue with mixed DPI scaling modes meaning some applications and parts of Windows that don't support per monitor DPI awareness can look less sharp on the lower DPI monitors (assuming highest DPI is main monitor) due to the default Windows scaling. Sadly this mixed DPI issue is related to the text scaling preference and not the resolution, so even a 27" 4K monitor set to 150% scaling next to a 43" 4K at 100% scaling (which yields a similar text size) will still suffer from it. Windows was quite late adding adequate API support for mixed DPI across monitors for applications to be able to handle this correctly (and its a fair bit of work to add full support hence even Windows isn't fully compliant). Hence many applications currently only support a system wide DPI setting which is mainly to resolve problems with high DPI 4K and 8K monitors. So currently the only way to get the best quality on multiple displays is to use multiple identical size and resolution monitors.
  7. Smn842

    Multiple monitor issue

    Another thought is do you have a mix of settings for text scaling across the displays? When I've recently tested Chief with a mix of text scaling across three monitors I saw the same issue. Mixed text scaling settings across monitors is still an issue for many applications (and also parts of Windows itself) due to those applications only supporting system wide scaling, not the more recent per monitor support that was added to Windows.
  8. Smn842

    Exterior 360 fly over?

    Same here, its a game changer. One additional benefit for me is when modal dialogs are open the 3D mouse can still be used to move and zoom the previously active 2D or 3D view. It may be my less efficient work flow (part time user is my excuse!) but I've had a lot of occasions when in a dialog box that I've wanted to go back and check something on the plan or view that's out of sight or too small. Now I can still use the 3D mouse without exiting the dialog.
  9. Smn842

    Fast PC, Slow Chief Architect - Why???

    For me it depends on the plan complexity and whether Chief is doing a full double plan type save. I had some plans where Chief was creating 500MB undo files on many edits. With a SATA SSD that was causing obvious small stalls during editing but once I moved to NVMe (or RAM drive) that became the lesser issue but I still often noted a chunk of CPU creating those files (around a second but still noticeable). I found a CPU difference when measured with some dev tools across plans evens producing similar size undo files, so obviously the plan content has a significant impact. I agree I don't see a reason with 10 vs 50 undo files would make any difference as I've not noted and reading of existing files other than to use them for undo. I just find a difference with none or any as expected, but as 50 can use a lot of disk space I usually go for 20. The reason I favour a RAM drive for Chief and other apps that create a lot of temporary files is a) I have 128GB and b) it reduces SSD writes. I recorded writes for a few days and noted Chief and equally I/O intensive devs tool I use were making 150GB+ writes per day. In theory the more durable SSDs will still be fine for years but it does seem a little wasteful for temp files!
  10. Smn842

    Fast PC, Slow Chief Architect - Why???

    Although undo's seem less likely to be your main issue: Chief writes a lot of these as they are created after every operation. Many undo files are basically a full before and after plan file so can be disk and a lesser extent cpu intensive to create. The best way to check for impact is to temporarily disable undos entirely. Try it to asses the impact and then as suggested set to a smaller number. If undos make your workflow laggy when editing then using an NVMe SSD or RAM drive is the way to go. With 32GB RAM a ram drive would probably be the way to go and the fastest. On the general topic as per other comments: PDF's can have a big impact on Chief so converting to images helps a lot.
  11. Smn842

    how can i down load chief training video's

    I've not tried a recent Safari, but different browser have different capabilities (with or without add-ins) and some videos are made available from web sites in a form all browsers can download. It's just becoming less common without add-ins for the reasons I mentioned earlier. So it's mainly due to CA and their choice of delivery (Vimeo from the videos I've seen) as part of their web design, but I don't think CA are wrong to go this route as its a simple way ensure good video performance globally and its still easy to still download even if an add-in is required.
  12. Smn842

    Thick Exterior wall with Recessed Door

    I've been frustrated by the lack of inset control on doors (like we have with windows) ever since I started using Chief. I raised a detailed suggestion via support two years ago covering various examples where I need to be able to change the inset either to around the middle or the 'wrong' side as Chief see it versus the opening direction. For workarounds all I do is either make it two way to put the door more in the middle if that's near enough or make a symbol out of it. I did experiment with wall layers and even tiny sections of thinner wall but each created their own issues.
  13. Smn842

    how can i down load chief training video's

    I didn't look at the page source before the change, but the way its accessing the video means its not a direct link to a video file and hence the save link as type functionality no longer works (it makes a separate request which streams the video). This is getting very common with video links to optimise delivery by only streaming what is watched and to prevent downloading so people always view the latest version (and on some sites get adverts etc) and also cannot easily distribute it. All these download tools are doing is to make the request to stream the whole file and then download it.
  14. Smn842

    how can i down load chief training video's

    Although you can capture videos using screen capture as Lew mentioned (I use Snagit for example) another approach is to use a download manager tool to get the original stream file. This can also be done manually if you're a techy but such tools make it simpler. These utilities are designed to optimise downloads by using many connections or downloading many items from a page and many offer video download. In my case I use Internet Download Manager and it will offer download Chief training videos:
  15. Smn842

    3Dconnexion Spacemouse on Mac

    Is that even with custom sensitivity settings or just the default? I am on Windows, but found the default 3DConnexion mouse default settings too sensitive in Chief for some axes and the opposite for the others so I always use custom sensitivity settings now.