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  1. My initial test was a layout referencing two plans, one in the same folder another elsewhere and it worked. However I've just created a couple of new plans and sent them to a new layout all in separate folders and could replicate the issue. There is something odd though as on closing all views and re-opening the layout it was fine, but then: I re-linked one layout view using the right click menu to its plan. I selected the existing linked plan from the 'Choose Referenced Plan' dialog and on closing that dialog the applicable layout view becomes blank At this stage the applicable linked plan is again considered not found in the referenced plan files dialog but no other error. However following the same first step to re-link and its back. Rinse and repeat. Anyone else see this? In case its relevant my folder layout for this is:
  2. I just tried the latest update with a layout and two linked plans and it seemed fine. What were the steps you followed to get this error? How many plans are referenced and do those plan files open correctly without the layout open? Also, if you show details in the error box does it give any more info as to the root issue?
  3. Smn842

    X12 Beta - Some DBX Entries Aren't Retained ???

    After a lifetime of working in software I can say that's definitely a bug :-) Those two examples are both up/down edit controls rather than plain edits and trying shading contrast which is the same type with a direct number change shows the same issue. In general there should never be the need to do anything other than hit the OK button. Any validation that would occur when tabbing to the next input field or delayed update of other values (such as keep aspect ratio etc) should then be applied before closing if valid.
  4. Smn842

    Difficulty creating ICF wall intersection

    If you're using Home Designer Pro rather than Chief Architect Premier then the wall connection tool mentioned above is probably not available (it wasn't when I switched from HDP to Premier). Home Designer users have their own forum
  5. Smn842


    I agree with @TheKitchenAbode that the whole spec is dated, from the GPU to CPU, motherboard (older chipset) and SSD. The SSD appears to be a SATA rather than NVMe unit and these days the price difference isn't great but the performance improvement can be significant as the SATA interface severally restricts transfer rates and Chief reads and writes a lot of data.
  6. Smn842

    Top five hotkey setups! Name yours and why!

    For me its the fact I want to make more use of shortcuts in many applications, not just one or two. I have around ten applications with a huge number of existing shortcuts often with 3 or 4 key presses and despite years of using the applications I find I am not using as many shortcuts as I would like because its hard to remember them all (I may not use one of these some for several months). Hence why I am trying a standalone mini keyboard with tactile buttons and LCD images for ease of remembering. When using Chief I find I spend a lot of time with my right hand near my 3D mouse (left hand on normal mouse/keyboard) so can use one finger to select a function with less movement than going back to the keyboard.
  7. Smn842

    Top five hotkey setups! Name yours and why!

    Slightly off the core topic but for shortcuts I've recently starting experimenting with a Stream Deck XL as this latest and largest version finally has enough keys (32) to make it generally useful for the software I use. Previously I've used ever more complex key combinations or larger keyboards with more user definable keys. Compared to a small touch screen keyboard it provides tactile feedback which I find helps avoid miss keying and yet with the LCD underneath saves making labels for everything and of course it can still switch icons/functions per application. It's still early days and not fully set it up for Chief but for me seems another step in productivity for some applications. I am left handed but use it right handed next to my 3D Connexion mouse in chief so half the time I barely need to move my right hand to use it. For other apps I find the distance to move for it is still better than the both hand/multiple key press shortcuts some tools use.
  8. Smn842

    United Kingdom Users?

    I am an not a professional user, but use Chief to assist with my passion for buying and remodelling my homes and gardens in stages and to similarly assist friends and relatives. I fully model the house as built and then use Chief to plan out several years or remodelling. For changes that don't require professionally created plans I provide my plans to the relevant trades (if not doing the work myself) and in other cases they're used as the base to finalise and get approvals. I purchased Chief as the only other tools I was familiar with are general CAD tools such as Revit and in comparison Chief is way more productive for this purpose. When I started using Chief there were some issues with brick and block cavity construction with windows and doors especially (endless gaps to cover due to lack of casing) but some of these have improved over the years. However there are still some annoying issues with doors and windows in this type of construction such as a lack of control for door inset and also window construction in general (I submitted some enhancement requests a couple of years ago). Most of these can be worked around but it does reduce the time otherwise saved of using Chief versus a less specialised product. The symbol library is also heavily based on non European sizes/styles and that adds some work updating symbols and finding new ones where required. For a professional user this is less of an issue but for me with a fewer number of projects this was a pain initially. While this post may sound a little negative, I am still surprised by how many UK professionals in building, kitchen/bathroom fitting etc end up quizzing me about how I produced such detailed and well presented plans and 3D views compared to their software and especially in the time taken.
  9. Smn842

    Archive Error - Unable to Write

    Windows has supported 32,767 characters path lengths in of the Unicode versions of many file functions from some time when used with a "\\?\" prefix. The reason Microsoft doesn't just switch every function to support that length is due to the way data is often passed between programs and the Windows API as this could cause crashes or issues with older code that assumes the older fixed maximum 260. Therefore its not a problem to write code that works with very long paths (I've had to on many occasions for long network paths) but the challenge is legacy code/third party dlls and other applications not being able to work with such files/folders, although this is improving all the time. More recently Microsoft has a implemented an option for applications to opt in to existing API calls working with longer paths without special prefixes so hopefully we're getting nearer to the time this issue finally goes away. As @Alaskan_Son mentioned this can be worked around by assigning a drive letter to a path, and there's also the option of using the various Windows files system links (junctions/symlinks) to create a new folder say 'C:\CA\Arcs' that in fact points to the existing archive folder and avoid extra drive letters if that is a concern.
  10. Not really. I purchased Chief mostly for remodelling my own home in stages and although you can get away with some minor changes and switch between views/layers it's all too common to get issues due to overlapping objects and Chief's room based approach. These days I always save a base plan and then separate plans for each option. In my case I sometimes update the base plan such as for all new windows, revised heating (moved radiators) and then re-create the options. It's not as time consuming as it might seem. As an aside: My day job is software and one product I worked on had complex data and also needed a way for users to experiment with various options. In the end we offered two approaches: A managed serious of data sets somewhat akin to separate plan files/related data in Chief but with management of them as a whole set of variations with a known base. A way to manually merge certain changes from one variation to another. Over time most people ended up using the first option as the merge feature was very time consuming in practice. This was due to small changes in other data/.objects which meant the merge feature had to ask many annoying questions about how to handle certain issues otherwise the result had objects with broken connections or not as expected. Even with that some manual editing was always required. Ultimately it proved impossible to make the merge significantly quicker to use than copy and paste/ and manual editing hence why users went back to that after trying both, although the merge feature remained useful to highlight changes between versions.
  11. Smn842

    Can't edit floor structure

    Chief tries to make the minimum size of dialog boxes large enough to show all content but if the screen height and/or font scaling makes that impossible you will get scroll bars. So could be that or a remembered size from use on a smaller monitor (I would expect it to recheck in that event - not tried it)
  12. Windows can utilise spare ram for disk caching so utilisation doesn't always give the full performance picture, however at 50% I doubt you will see any difference and the money spent elsewhere could be more beneficial such as NVMe SSD etc if not already in use. The only other potential benefit for Chief would be a RAM drive for undo storage, although I find some plans benefit more from this versus NVMe SSD than others. Some plans appear more CPU limited cresting the undo file. I use Chief on PCs running 16, 32 and 64GB mostly due use of other software for virtual machines and software development. Generally I find RAM is an area where being short has a huge impact due to paging to disk, but otherwise adding more makes little difference.
  13. Smn842

    Default Settings

    There is now a 'Floors and Rooms' section in default settings so perhaps that's an older video not updated for newer releases:
  14. Smn842

    still in dark ages? GTM vs Zoom

    I've not had to pay for it myself so no idea on how the cost stacks up, but I used Zoom at a couple of companies I've worked for and it did everything required and can be used with a browser of dedicated application. The user interface and tools worked well and coped with the myriad of screen sizes and switching to projectors or different monitors without issue. It also has a lot of other features for annotation and white boarding but I didn't use those much.
  15. Smn842

    Can The Default Templates Folder Be Re-Directed?

    If you prefer a GUI to do the same, I would recommend this shell extension and there are some others that do the same. It's then just right click on the source folder and select 'Pick Link Source' and then on the target folder right click and "Drop as junction" or symbolic link (there is a difference but for this purpose the result is similar although the latter will prompt for elevation)