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  1. Are they on a locked layer? Posting the plan would be the best way to get a quick answer.
  2. A clearer example from a random UK supplier site showing the moisture run off and weep joints:
  3. One of my machines is i9-13900K and its on air and although it certainly runs hotter than some other CPUs its not thermally limited by any significant degree. I would check the liquid cooling system for correct radiator/inlet/outlet orientation/air presence, CPU thermal compound and overall case air flow management. The last seems unimportant to many but gaps where potential inlet fans could be mounted can ruin overall air flow on what should be a positive air pressure arrangement. Also bear in mind that the i9-13900K can run over 80 degrees without issue and that its a mix of 8 performance cores and 16 efficient cores with 32 total hyper threaded cores and the 6900K was 8 performance cores yielding 16 hyperthreaded cores so not all cores are equal in purpose. The i9-13900K should still way outpace your older system but temps may be higher and any issue with cooling will seriously affect it.
  4. In your video you've not clicked the 'Search subfolders' button:
  5. Since the Studio and GRD drivers have existed I've done a binary compare on the files a few times to save time with un-needed driver installs. Other than a few bytes that often change when packaging exe files and what could be a flag so the build knows which type it is, they have otherwise been the same. So Studio at present is just a subset of the more frequent GRD builds.
  6. I think CA are in a bit of a rock and hard place with UI. I've worked in development on two large applications that grew hugely over time with developers mostly deciding the UI and then at some point the company employs a dedicated User Experience (UX) person and they analyse usage for typical tasks (and telemetry if available) and design a better UI which is much more efficient for most users and most work. The problem is do you change it all at once and risk alienating long term users or just make tweaks items here and there and better design new features although that is always a compromise at new features need to have consistency with the older ones. I think Chief needs a complete UI makeover with less modal dialog boxes where feasible, but I feel the pain of development teams and users alike with this problem! The only thing I've done in the past with smaller changes like Chief make between releases is to add a User Interface Changes section to release notes so that users are aware of changes and ideally the reason. Normally a dev task record will have a 'Documentation Changes' and 'UI Changes' type detail so this isn't hard to track for release notes.
  7. I had one XL and it was so useful I thought I must buy a backup one in case of failure. Then I thought well why not use it as it's only collecting dust! I arrange mine around my standard 3Dconnexion mouse and two of the same design have worked fine for a few years since Elgato updated the software for multiple devices on one system. Now I am pondering a third as backup but as I have run out of finger/hand reach it would really have to be just a spare
  8. Glad it worked. In addition to that original workaround post I made in 2020 I did also submit this issue to support and have just bumped that case again. However if anyone affected could also submit this issue then we may get a better chance of it being fixed. My day job is software so I can say with some confidence it's not a hard issue to fix but CA may not be aware how many people use the various 3Dconnexion models.
  9. I've just found and downloaded that configuration. From a quick check it's set to work with the X15 executable name so that is why it only applies to X15. I don't have the enterprise 3D mouse as I use 2 Stream Deck XLs for extra key type functionality so cannot test, but if you add the X14 executable name in that file as per my workaround for general 3D mouse custom settings that may fix it.
  10. I've just installed X15 and I had the same issue as my post from 2020 with custom 3D mouse settings. Once I added the line for the latest Chief X15 executable name to the ChiefArchitect.xml config file (which already had the X13 and X14 exe names) my X13, X14 and X15 installs all now share the same custom configuration for the 3D mouse. Even without that workaround the 3D mouse worked in all versions just not with custom settings. Are you seeing something different with or without custom 3D mouse settings?
  11. I've not tried X15 Beta yet but there has been a long standing issue if you are trying to use custom settings for the Spacemouse with multiple versions of Chief as per my workaround post here:
  12. It's linked on the tech article referenced above and the direct link is
  13. My day job is software and I've worked on many applications in my time and saving back to older data formats is a nightmare for most applications with complex data. Even if data related to new features can be removed or reverted to something similar there's the significant development and testing effort. Where I have seen this done customers are often very unhappy with any loss/change of any data and for a feature not used by most customers the net result is its simply not worth it. The dev/test time is far better spent elsewhere. I am not a fan of the lack of a statement over whether Chief are going to move SSA cost towards subscription, but I don't think the lack of 'Save as' to older versions is for any reason other than its simply not worth it.
  14. I wish we could remove down votes as they are often used for opinions rather than quality/helpfulness of the post. Particularly misleading or bad posts can always be reported.
  15. There should be some clarification of "DIY'er" here. I am a DIY/home/hobby user and bought Chief Premier and years of SSA so I can experiment with ideas for a number of projects for my home and the previous ones before that. None of this work deprives the companies that I eventually employ for kitchen, bathroom, extensions etc from revenue or gives them work to fix as they do their design work from scratch around the ideas I've considered which actually makes their life easier. Over nearly 4 decades as I moved from home to home I've found it difficult to plan renovations over 5 to 6 year periods with various contractors and this had lead to rework of electrics, plumbing etc (in all but my first home where I did all the work myself). Using Chief enables me to visualise lots of potential changes and show renderings to companies of what I hope to achieve whilst enabling to me make them aware of how projects down the line that could be impacted or depend on their work. I used HD Pro for two years before its limitations became too significant and upgraded to Premier (some due to UK construction differences). As my day job is software I am in favour of subscription and am happy to pay SSA to support Chief. I am not the target user of the software but that doesn't mean I shouldn't care about a significant investment in Chief, both time and money possibly coming to and end due to SSA increasing to rental levels. Hopefully SSA increases more in line with general prices and I can remain a user as I don't fancy going back to Revit.
  16. Where have I missed the statement about this? I asked CA directly and was told they couldn't make any statement about SSA pricing levels in future. I've paid for SSA ever since I upgraded from HD Pro to Chief Premier X9 but as a home user not making any profit (or savings) from using Chief my only concern with the new licensing is if SSA pricing rapidly moving towards the subscription cost.
  17. Your comment suggests the email stated the SSA price is fixed at that price from now on - did they actually state that? I ask because I contacted CA a few days ago and they wouldn't make any statements about the ongoing SSA cost even in 2023. I've not received that email yet and I am interested in the price as I am only a DIY/hobby user of Chief Premier. I've had SSA since X9 but if the cost moves up towards subscription levels then it becomes too much for my non profit use.
  18. The question about selling a Perpetual License that current has SSA is important because without a way to continue in that mode existing licenses lose their re-sale value. Another key question is are there plans to change the SSA renewal cost to drive people towards the subscription model? As one of the rare DIY users of CA Premier (previously HDPro) I can justify the annual SSA to help with my ongoing house updates, but the subscription price is too much. My day job is software and with that hat on subscription can be a good model for users and the vendor, but only if the price is set correctly and it allows the company to update the software more often and reduces the need for annual releases with headline features to drive sales/upgrades (i.e. more focus on the smaller long term productivity issues)
  19. I also prefer the approach of upgrade more regularly than purchase the very top end as over time you'll have better performance on average for similar money. There were a few years when performance increases were modest which goes against this approach, but overall this has served me well although a couple of times I've upgraded the GPU mid cycle (I always have older systems to hand down parts to so this isn't a waste). Your proposed system is great if you don't mind the cost, but I would not go 4090 yet and spending another $100 to go from 4800 to 5200 Mhz DDR5 isn't going to make any realistic difference (hence why there are both DDR4 and DDR5 motherboards for that CPU socket because even a generation difference in RAM doesn't make much difference to most operations)
  20. Although expensive, you can have multiple StreamDeck XLs and if you add another its trivial to copy the layouts across. I bought a second as backup in case of failure as its proved so important for my work (not Chief as just a DIYer here) but I decided I may as well use it and it works well. I've tried having one per hand, but settled on my non dominant hand having both and that works well for the various applications I use.
  21. If looks docked sideways there which is odd. If you go to Preferences, Reset Options and select 'Reset Side Windows' does that fix it? Or failing that the same for toolbars although you'll lose any customisations to the toolbars. This issue may possibly be the result of Chief closing improperly which may be indicative of other issues with your PC, drivers (auto updates) or Chief install.
  22. I've long used my own spreadsheet for this as its a simple calc, and I concur with you for 32" 2560x1440: I used the 125% and 150% columns to check if different monitors when scaled will have similar text size to anther. Thankfully I finally bit the bullet and bought all matching 4K monitors to end the issues of moving windows between differently scaled monitors.
  23. We've already got a conversion now, but for reference and if anyone wants to change the background colour (or re-run for the next Chief release) there are a number of free / cheap batch image converters. I use the XnConvert tool which is part of XnView MP ( or can be obtained separately, both have Windows, Mac and Linux versions. These are free for private use and very cheap for commercial use (sub 30 euros for the full XnView MP) and offer a lot of functionality. I just did a quick test and after a quick setup for the conversion it did all the Chief button images in a under 3 seconds.
  24. The cost of the Stream Decks is basically the LCD behind the whole front panel for the buttons. The benefit of colourful icons that can change to different layouts and have multiple states (so show a toggled feature state or values etc) is what makes Stream Decks so much better for many use cases than additional traditional keypads/keyboards with custom caps/labels. I have two Stream Decks XLs that I use in a number of other applications with many hundreds of key actions configured. It does take time to setup (as per this thread) but its well worth it. In fact I use these these so much I invested the time to write a utility to extract icons from certain applications configurations, use existing shortcuts in those apps (or create unique custom shortcuts automatically) and then allow me simply to arrange any of these I want to use in that utility which then does all the heavy lifting of assigning/modifying keys and their icons without using the Stream Deck GUI.
  25. I have had a lot of UPS devices over the years and currently have three of the CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCD for desktops and an equivalent rack mount model. An important point when choosing one is the cheaper models are simulated sine wave which doesn't work well with many modern Active PFC power supplies. I've observed this in person with a PC PSU making a very bad noise, also see here I've used an oscilloscope on the output of this CyberPower unit and its a good sine ware and the only APC devices with similar output and sine wave were way more expensive. Another important factor is battery replacement availability as they need changing every 3 to 4 years as capacity drops. The CyberPower batteries aren't available in the UK but they are standard parts so easy to source good quality alternatives but in the US the originals should be easy to purchase. Lastly some larger UPS devices have a loud fan when the battery tops up a couple of times a day and this is what stopped me getting a couple of larger units.