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  1. Archnot-Boltz

    Buying a new computer

    Looks pretty rocking, I guess more bang for buck and portability than a 17"? I assume you hook it up to a monitor for dual screen capability? DataCad17, I didn't know they were still in business. Any improvement over the Dos original which I found difficult to learn? thnaks-bB
  2. Archnot-Boltz

    Before I purchase, a question or two...

    I'll never give up my parallel bar and tracing paper mechanical pencils, lead holders and good old #2 and hb pencils. Pretty much not using vellum anymore and will never go back to mylar and ink. Your drawings are very good and at a glance could have been a good Softplan drawing .
  3. Archnot-Boltz

    Stairs - Risers and Treads

    You need one of those Alternating Big-Foot-Tread Stairs!! PA has similar (with 9" nosing to nosing) and 8.25" max risers which allowed builders to keep building older plans. I always use a 10" min. rough cut treat regardless and will only use the 8.25" in an impossible remodel or basement stairs.
  4. Archnot-Boltz

    Chasing Attic Walls...

    I've been using Chief since 1998 and also have the same issue!
  5. Hey Dermot, I greatly appreciate that information and will avail myself of the information that you've so kindly provided. Stay safe & healthy, Brad
  6. Thanks Lew, I'll have to see if I have that on my home computer. Seems like all the older versions should be available on Chief's website for occasions like this. In hindsight I guess I should have left all the old version on my computer and I think Chief should have provided guidance in this regard.-BB
  7. Thanks Dermot, I never noticed that nice feature in the Warning. I always do a save as to preserve the Original but it's nice to know Chief has our back. Also, I do wish that Chief would give us the ability open an old drawing, especially the pre X-versions with .pl1, .pl2 file extentensions without having to load or keep an old version active in order to bring that drawing file forward. I just got stymied trying to open up and look at an old drawing from 1998. I have all of my old versions in their original boxes back to Chief '97 but I don't think they will load on a windows 7 or 10 computer. If Chief could give us a utility that would at least allow us to open and save an old plan file as a PDF ( I currently save a pdf copy of all of my projects for archival reference purposes) that would be huge. Of course, a utility that would allow me to open an old file and save as a current and usable file would be better still. thanks, BB
  8. Archnot-Boltz

    X12 - Copy and Paste In Place

    Yes, as I found out when I tried it. No big, as I'm fine with the new tool and icon etc. thanks bB
  9. Archnot-Boltz

    X12 - Copy and Paste In Place

    No, I'm ok since finding the new icon and way that it works. I did locate the old Icon when I went into my customize tool bars, but couldn't figure out how to drag it into the bottom tool bar area.
  10. Archnot-Boltz

    X12 - Copy and Paste In Place

    Thanks Dermot, I was having a conniption seeing that tool absent from my copy toolbar and no place to drag the icon. I didn't see any mention of this feature improvement/change in the "What's New Video".- bB
  11. Archnot-Boltz

    Stairs - Risers and Treads

    Glenn, not trying to be difficult at all, just a personal observation and take on metric vs imperial. No argument just the perspective of an older school designer about the conversion from imperial to metric that the United States was never able to completely institute or integrate. When I find a product that has metric dimensions I just have to make mental conversions to imperial dimensions or use my Construction Master Pro. (similar to what a semi-bilingual person might do when speaking his non-native language because he thinks in his native language and has to mentally convert into the 2nd language if not fluent in it). I'm done and sorry for detracting from the topic. BB
  12. Archnot-Boltz

    Stairs - Risers and Treads

    Probably more conducive to modular construction too. Minimum "Going" is 240 MM for normal stairs which is an interesting construction term that I've never heard.
  13. Archnot-Boltz

    Stairs - Risers and Treads

    I could see that on Glenn's stair riser chart and obviously, once you become accustomed to something it becomes second nature and I'm sure that the 1/16's, 1/8th increments, 24", 16" centers etc would drive them bonkers. Although, we use decimal feet when doing grades and our engineer's scales on site plans. Fortunately, we drive on the right side of the road and don't pay in pounds and quid for a pound of squid! -Chilly in Philly (actually Reading but it didn't flow).
  14. Archnot-Boltz

    Stairs - Risers and Treads

    Joe, I was being glib and also justifying why Americans (including myself) were/are resistant to adopting metric, especially for construction. Since an inch = 25.4 MM (2.54 CM), an 8' stud would be 2438.4 MM or 24.384 CM (which I can't wrap my visual head around) for it me would be easier to visualize it physically as approx. 2.5 meters. I imagine the reverse would be true for those brought up using metric. I can see using it for industrial, machine and product design because of the scale of smaller parts and you don't have to deal with fractions. But, how do you get your head around a 7" Riser designated as 177.8 MM or a Flr to Flr Dimension of 2720.97 MM (8'-11 1/8")? My dinosaur brain doesn't like going there. Kind of like paying 40 pesos for a cup of java or 382 pesos for a Mr Coffee!
  15. Archnot-Boltz

    Stairs - Risers and Treads

    What language is this in?!!!? Oy!! (as much as they attempted to convert us in school back in the '70's or '80's, I could never wrap my head around metric's larger numbers, eg 1"= 25.4 MM or 2.5 CM.). The most I can handle and relate to is that a meter (39.375") is a bit larger than a yard (36") or from the Virginia Slims' cigarette commercials: "Just a silly millimeter longer 101's!" (so a typ. cig is 100 MM or 4"). And of course, our government's attempt back then to convert to metric was a complete failure.-bB