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  1. Hey Chief, back again regarding Temporary Dimensions and their Default settings. Why don't your temp dims locate short walls (see attached). You can only access Temp Dims defaults in the Plan Defaults but not in the Dimensions Defaults where you can set defaults for all dimensions Except Temporary Dimensions, Why wouldn't you include the ability to set Temp Dims in this dbx? This is the most accessible and logical. thanks-BB
  2. And thus the reason for this discussion. You just made the OP something that Chief should consider. Too bad you will have to repost it as a NEW Suggestion per the current suggestion "Protocol".
  3. It's all about options. Why would you go from having to do nothing to now having to create another dang library item to find? Bounding Box on by default and then Toggle off to install TP Holders etc. Or how about the Bounding Box have enough intelligence to snap to the finish wall surface and ignore the TP holders etc? Just stating opinion regarding the OP, not doing battle. OP is a constructive suggestion.
  4. Plus One. Chief has been known to take away functions thinking they made something better. In lieu of taking away a user friendly function or feature, how about an On/Off toggle and keeping the original function as the Out of the Box Default. Case in Point (see attached). In this example Chief did the Right Thing (thank you) and gave us a Toggle Option. Unfortunately they did it backwards when they released X15 and made it Wrong (or different?) Out of the Box by Default. Had to call phone support and Ask WTF? They did the same backwards Default thing in X14 when they by default Turned of the Manual Roof Intersection Points and you had to find the setting to turn them back on in order to properly intersect roof planes manually because they thought or wanted users to use the automatic roof creation tool more.
  5. Very Nice Mark, but it would still be nice to have in the door tools and not have to do the work a round.
  6. How about making it a request.? All the programmers would have to do is modify a bi-fold and rotate it 90 degrees.
  7. We already have Big Ass Fans in our library (i think).
  8. Easier to delete than to create. Plus Chief's names have drawing intelligence built in.
  9. I'm complaining about a lack of consistency and expectations here. From the get-go, I never understood why the North Arrow Pointer was a CAD item, but it always was and now it ain't! At the very least, because of the change it should have appeared with the Sun Arrow in a separate area of the menu by defauld. Instead, you have to search it out, find it and then drag to a random spot in your menu.
  10. Usually, when doing porch additions etc, I just work backwards and raise my beams to create the proper birdsmouth. I use cad lines and the elevation marker tool which shows the absolute elevation in section or elevation views. In the case of the porch roof not framing to a 10 ft raised porch ceiling, I would then just Raise the Offending roof planes 12" and then manually reframe each roof plane. This back and forth bs by having to create and recreate different false ceiling hgts is a crap way of doing business (which you have to do when creating knee walls in attic rooms for example).
  11. Ok, now we're in x15. Did we gain the ability to selectively remove a curb edge? Thus far, I'm struggling with the new library browser and trying to remove a curb at a 4 way curbed street intersection. Plus One to the OP and I'm now requesting that x15's inadequacy in this department be improved in x16.
  12. Dear Chief, please let me know why I shouldn't be requesting that the North Arrow (and probably the Sun Angle Arrow) be added back to the CAD Tool Pallet. See attached illustration. I was able to add the tool to my Child Pulldown (icons) bar and place it beside the CAD Line Tool but would maybe prefer the option to have it back in the pallet. Maybe it's better where I have it now because it's more obvious but a head scratcher to find at first and I don't recall any documentation on on how best to use it other than to look for it under the regular CAD pulldown word menu. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
  13. This is why we need the ability to specify individual bearing heights with walls or cad (bearing line) lines.
  14. And your amendment or commentary to the OP is a logical improvement. Plus Two (2)
  15. Yeah, but why did they spend the time to reduce what we already had?! Senseless.
  16. Porch designation always defaults to creating a Slab floor structure, Porch Frost Walls should default to bottom of Slab and should not create this issue. Chief has all of this automated crap and why do you have to jump through hoops for such a simple construction detail ? Maybe some of their resources should be diverted from interior design and cabinets to the real reason for this program's existence- Construction!
  17. Nothing to be sorry about, your post was pertinant and additive. I gave your comment a Heart. thanks
  18. Ok Chief, thanks for the improvements in X15 (Except I'm still struggling with your Revised Library Browser and the Extra mouse clicks). But Why In The Heck did you reduce the number of Room Names from 39 (Nice) to 31 (Not Nice, actually counter productive or retrogressive)??????????????????????????? When you changed Master Bath to Ensuite, ok you bowed to political woke correctness (but I let you have that one because you don't need the woke police up your economic butt). And the same for changing Master Bedroom to Primary Bedroom (which I changed back to Master so big whup). But, what was the logic or benefit to users for reducing the Room Name List and eliminating Ensuite, Primary Bedroom, Bedroom 1,2 & 3? Also, you eliminated Powder (why because powder could be construed to be a white snortable substance?!!). My request, suggestion is:1) Please Patch the Program and give an x14 Room Name Default Options and 2) How about adding the following to the existing, Bedroom (Existing Bedroom), Primary Bedroom (Existing Master Bedroom), Bath (Existing Bath), Powder (Existing Powder), Living (Existing Living) etc, you get it. This would save a lot of menu editing and benefit all users. Thanks for your consideration.-BB
  19. This issue relates to all things wrong with the ongoing porch slab, porch room, porch railing, porch roof beams, porch foundation walls issue. My attached example is only illustrating the one issue of the porch slab being created inside the foundation walls instead of flush with the outside edge of the foundation wall. I will now have to 1)Draw a 4" Thick Slab at (-)7" that overhangs the Foundation Walls by 1 to 1.5" and if I want to stop the Z-fighting, will have to set the slab 1/16" higher than the Porch Room Floor height. Or please tell me what I'm doing wrong because if there's a right, it ain't Intuitive. Thanks-bb
  20. Good afternoon Dermot, this issue was first brought up on Chieftalk by me several versions ago. The current same issue is occurring in X15. I did report it as a bug and sent it in and can't imagine that others haven't done the same. I just figured since the "bug" was never fixed that it's not a bug so, I'm suggesting that it be resolved in a future version. But, I will again send it in as a recurring bug that has yet to be fixed. thanks-bb