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  1. Obviously, there's No arguement from me regarding the perpetual licensing thing. SP still gives both options and their perpetual license wasn't much more expensive than Chief's. Their monthly subcription at $95 per month is half of Chief's. Their work-flow and drawing methodology is a bit more indirect in that you can't as easily draw first and ask questions later like you can in Chief. Chief kicks arse in preliminary design work and SP kicks arse in materials take-offs an reality of construction drawings. Also allows multiple options within the same base plane without having to do Save As multiple plans (Existing Conditions, Demo Plan and multiple plan options such as Bath 1 w/shower, Bath 2 w/ tub shower etc). On what basis are you so emphatic about Chief's superiority over SP? I used SP briefly back in the late 90's and my coworker, who's a long time veteran Chief user (since Chief 6) and turned me on to Chief in '97 is currently running SP thru it's paces and anxiously awaiting SP2024. I have high hopes for X15 but don't see how an architect would choose Chief over SP. The fact that interior designers and kitchen designers prefer Chief is sort of telling about Chief's not giving the builder, architects a little better in the nuts and bolts department. To continue beating my dead horse: Decks, Stairs, Railings, Beams and Framing, still need work to get up to an architect's level of required detail and model accuracy. Love Chief and hope they continue to improve. But will also be demoing SP to see the grass on the other side. bb
  2. Humble Chief is correct in his assessment that this thread is moot. The die has been cast and those of us who are continuing with SSA are currently hitched to the wagon and continuing on the path. If I were coming in fresh out of the cold, I'd take SP at $95.00 per month hands down (but that's just me).
  3. I don't mind getting a downvote as everyone is entitled to an opinion. Only problem is you don't know if they are downvoting my entire post or a specific portion. A rebuttal is a better response and accomplishes more.
  4. Ok, I can't recall exactly what things cost during all the transitions and thanks for the correction. Actually before SSA, you paid for each upgrade which occurred approximately every two years or so. I recall paying 199.00 to upgrade from Chief 97 to V8? The problem with SSA was that, for awhile, it was cheaper to not pay SSA and skip a version upgrade that didn't seem to do much and then upgrade at the end of season when the next upgrade went on sale. I'm ok with the current cost of SSA vs the subscription cost and hope they keep making it available to us if it allows the program to be sustainable without getting new customers. Of course, the best way for Chief to get new customers would be to fix (not make more complex) the missing or flawed pieces in the program and get more architects. We need real beams, beam pockets, auto joist hangers, definable wall plate heights(in lieu of defining wall hgts with room ceiling hgts which is limiting and makes the drawings unstable etc). Shoot, our CAD doesn't yet have a good rotate around a point tool.-bb
  5. Were you talking ICF (insulated concrete forms) here or IFC as Eric "corrected". If IFC, I don't understand how you can make an IFC model and wall types. Were you both talking apples to oranges? bb
  6. Apparently SP is getting ready to release 2024 and have released a couple of things showing their new features both construction related thus far. I'm imagining there will be an improvement in their rendering. I'm looking forward to seeing what Chief's offering in regards to design and construction nuts and bolts vs kitchen cabinets and rendering. My customer's are suitably impressed with the current 3d offerings that give them a true idea of how their project will look.
  7. Thanks, the only reason that mine is fixed is because you posted the link on this thread and I finally reloaded the 526.98 driver that removed the latest driver automatically in the process. I did not proactively remove the latest driver prior to re-loading the 526.98 driver.
  8. So, now we have two identical corroborations. Will assume that Chief is hashing this out while testing x15. Do we have a site on Chief that lists and links things that would help in these instances?
  9. Rendering is good enough on both platforms (better in Chief for sure). You can send models from both platforms to Lumion etc., which many using Chief seem to do. I'm an architectural designer from a 5 year architectural program (didn't finish thesis) and have worked in commercial architecture offices and builder's offices as well as freelance design and having a small design-build company. For me accuracy of the drawing and model is more important than a picture perfect rendering. But a picture perfect rendering is impossible without a lot of futzing, if the model isn't correct. I can't think of another two programs that are closer to each other than Chief and SP. Autocad and their ilk are entirely different animals. That's all I'm saying. My coworker has been using SP for about a year now and has benefitted from Softlist for full materials takeoffs. The only time I use Chief materials is for a quick roof sheathing or sq foot count for our roofing division. My co-worker is a Chief veteran from 1997 and is convinced that we should switch to SP. I'm holding out because my investment in Chief is the same duration and I prefer the way Chief allows me to draw. There are things in both programs that are superior to the other's and I will be demoing SP in the near future. I used SP in a builder's office for about 5 mos when it was a DOS , black screen program (V8-V-9) in the late '90's and it was better than anything else until I started using and purchased Chief. While learning Chief, I found myself wishing that Chief had some of SP's features and accuracy. I'm not bashing Joe, just not understanding how SP is not our main competitor.
  10. i rolled back my Nvidia graphics card driver from 528.02 to 526.98 this morning and haven't had a crash since. Thanks-BB
  11. I'm crashing several times a day on an x14 drawing and it occurs in 3d views while I'm zooming and panning with my mouse. My co-worker just tried it with one of his plans and it crashed as soon as he moved his mouse in the 3d view. He closed the drawing and reopened and he couldn't make it crash. We are both using the latest Nvidia driver update. Everytime I crash, I'm getting the option to open up a saved version that is more recent message. I'm going to try to roll back to 526.98 and see what happens.
  12. Not even close? When was the last time you demoed or used SP? SP & Chief are the only two residential CAD programs that are in the same category of usability and residential design and they are superior with their Soft List vs Chief's Material in list and at handling the layering of existing conditions in regards to drawing additions. Cadsoft Envisioneer is basically Autocad Lt w/ some 3d. So, Joe, if SP is not Chief's main competitor, who is? -Respectfully-BB
  13. Softplan is Chief's closest competitor as far as I'm concerned and they are at $95 per month for a subscription or you can buy it outright for $3395.00.
  14. Thanks, the only time I crash is when moving around in a 3d view. Mostly in a 3d perspective framing view it seems. My co-worker has the same laptop & operating system but hasn't crashed yet.
  15. I've been having the same issue as the original OP and recently updated to 528.02 and it still freezes the screen with the same message as the op and crashes when you say ok. I switched from gaming to studio and it still crashes when panning or rotating the view with my left mouse button. This all occurs on my office laptop system. I can't run x14 on home cpu because I still have windows 7 and never upgraded to 10.
  16. Ok, Mick, I was only guessing and maybe Chief would offer a last chance deal to any regular users who might have missed the boat. It did kind of come out of nowhere and I can see how someone (whom I've never seen on this forum) could have missed the memo.
  17. Chief has been warning of the impending lease only option and giving offers to entice folks to upgrade from older versions and or renew their SSA for a couple of months now. Kind of stinks if you missed the memo about the cutoff date of Jan 10. I don't foresee many subscribing at $200 per month when Softplan is $99.00. Of course then you would have to learn SP, which is still more user friendly than most of the other Big Boy CAD programs (Autocad, Archicad, Vectorworks(Nemetschek?) and Revit). Cadsoft has a goofy one out there too. The SSA path was/is fair and my hope is that they will treat continue to treat the legacy users fairly.
  18. Certainly an important question. But, would have possibly been cheaper to upgrade prior to the change and continue with SSA depending on his long term projected use. Someone would have to do the math to determine which model was more economically viable. Of course, a person could subscribe monthly if only doing design work at certain times of the year, say the spring, summer busy season. You would get use of the current version every month you subscribe. Chief would have to give 12 month discount to keep that from possibly happening.-BB
  19. Archicad is very intensive and expensive. Vectorworks used to be a great deal but still a bit complex. Are you saying that Chief is giving you a first year subscription at $99.00 per month and then the full $199.00 the following year or that you can upgrade and older version to X14 (w/ included year of SSA and free upgrade to x15) and then if you discontinue your SSA the following year you lose any rights to ownership beyond X15 and would need to subscribe $199.00 per month for any uses of future upgrades? Eg, has Chief said that folks with older legacy licenses would be able to continue using the program without any support from Chief? bb
  20. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be happening if all users had subscribed to SSA. Folks should have gotten onboard back when it was only $199.00 per year. SSA was/is the best way for Chief to pay for R&D & to sustain the previous status quo. Hopefully, our loyalty (mine since 1998) for all the years of continuous upgrades and SSA will be taken into consideration in future SSA price increases.-BB
  21. Hey Lew, maybe try selling your company for $1.00 to the person interested in your license. I don't understand why Chief wouldn't want to keep your license with the annual $599.00 SSA fee in the revenue stream. I just don't see folks renting Chief for $199.00 per month with no ownership path as being a sustainable business model. Give em hell Harry! And have a happy retirement to boot.-BB
  22. Not quite but pretty decent, and they have GAF Shingles colors/textures and their stair railings are correct as well as having an automatic graspable handrail (to name a few of many). Their command structure and drawing method is more cumbersome but my coworker seems to like a lot of their features. I used it back in '96 or '97 for a couple months in a builder's office and then bought Chief for well under a grand while SP was closer to $2k, so economics and ease of use won out. Looking at the new version of SP, I still like Chief's intuitive commands better. I'm hoping for some nuts and bolts stuff in x15 (stair framing, better railings and handrails, smarter library items like joist hangers, post caps, etc).
  23. One-Time Payment from SoftPlan version 2020 Upgrade to SoftPlan 2022 $1345- So, as you can see Chief's annual SSA at $595.00 is similarly priced with SP's upgrade cost. Upgrade Extra Station to SoftPlan 2022 $995* Upgrade Network Station to SoftPlan 2022 $795**
  24. I spent a month or so in an architect's office trying to wrap my head around Archicad. Nice program but one bad wamma jamma of a learning curve. Chief and Softplan are the only two that I can do.
  25. Softplan is the only other program that I've tried that even comes close. I recommended that they get it on with Chief and make a badarse baby!